Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Orchidaceous (Complete)


Jason is young man raised in a forest temple to be nothing more than a mercenary who follows orders without question. Unfortunately, he prefers to act before thinking. His future is up in the air but he's been given one more chance to show he can do the job. When he realizes werewolves aren't the cause of a violent attacks across the countryside he has to decides to follow his heart instead of the rules. Excommunicated from the only family he ever knew, he arrives in Detroit. Kaiden is a teenage runaway with more magic power than he can handle. He's also dealing with just a little PTSD. Things aren't going well for him. When he's given a chance to learn how to properly use magic, he jumps at it. But life doesn't turn into the fairy tale he expects. He quickly becomes a servant for a criminal group of Orcs. Their paths cross as they simultaneously run into trouble. Together, they try to navigate a world neither fully understands. All while trying to bring down a house of Orcs including the menacing giant Gnoth who would love nothing more than to turn them into a meal. Can they survive or are they destined to bleed out. For an edited and expanded version check out the book

    Chapter 1.1
    Chapter 1.2 
    Chapter 1.3
    Chapter 1.4
    Chapter 1.5
    Chapter 1.6
    Chapter 1.7
    Chapter 1.8
    Chapter 1.9
    Chapter 1.10
    Chapter 1.11
    Chapter 1.12
    Chapter 1.13
    Chapter 1.14
    Chapter 1.15
    Chapter 1.16
    Chapter 1.17
    Chapter 1.18
    Chapter 1.19
    Chapter 1.20
    Chapter 1.21
    Chapter 1.22
    Chapter 1.23
    Chapter 1.24
    Chapter 1.25
    Chapter 1.26
    Chapter 1.27
    Chapter 1.28
    Chapter 1.29
    Chapter 1.30
    Chapter 1.31
    Chapter 1.32
    Chapter 1.33
    Chapter 1.34
    Chapter 1.35
    Chapter 1.36
    Chapter 1.37
    Chapter 1.38
    Chapter 1.39
    Chapter 1.40
    Chapter 1.41
    Chapter 1.42
    Chapter 1.43
    Chapter 1.44
    Chapter 1.45
    Chapter 1.46
    Chapter 1.47
    Chapter 1.48
    Chapter 1.49
    Chapter 1.50
    Chapter 1.51
    Chapter 1.52

Immunoglobin (Complete)

This one is hosted on because Exsanguinate became an anthology series, and I didn't think it would go past the story of Jason and Kaiden.

Rythe is a down on his luck, disgraced newspaper journalist. The toughest story he’s ever worked on is the one of his life. A twisted story or abuse, addiction, death and destruction that he keeps hidden from himself with an addiction to Fairy Dust. He’s spent close to a decade chasing the story of a supernatural serial killer, that no one else believes exists. A chance meeting with Sierra Evans leads him to the clue he’s searching for. It also leads to the constructed house of cards he lives in to fall apart.

Sierra, known as CiCi to her friends, is a TSA agent. She used to hunt things that go “bump,” in the night but after the death of her husband, she gave it up. Now she’s out to bring him back to life before time runs out. The only issue is her brother-in-law Jonah disagrees and a voodoo priestess named Tituba has injected herself into Sierra’s life. There’s also Rythe who has decided she’s murderer that he’s looking for.

There's a bonus chapter available in the book.

    Chapter 2.35  

Retrograde (Ongoing)

Retrograde is the first book with updated chapter numbering. I didn't really know this would be an anthology series when I started, but here we are. 3.5 books in.

An amnesiac vampire awakens in Detroit, over a decade later than his most recent memory. He attempts to track down his lost memories as well as the love of his life. He just needs to remember who he is first.
    Chapter 3.1
    Chapter 3.2
    Chapter 3.3
    Chapter 3.4
    Chapter 3.5
    Chapter 3.6
    Chapter 3.7
    Chapter 3.8
    Chapter 3.9
    Chapter 3.48
    Chapter 3.49
    Chapter 3.50
    Chapter 3.51
    Chapter 3.52
    Chapter 3.53
    Chapter 3.54
    Chapter 3.55
    Chapter 3.56
    Chapter 3.57
    Chapter 3.58
    Chapter 3.59
    Chapter 3.60
    Chapter 3.61
    Chapter 3.62
    Chapter 3.63
    Chapter 3.64
    Chapter 3.65
    Chapter 3.66
    Chapter 3.67
    Chapter 3.68
    Chapter 3.69
    Chapter 3.70
    Chapter 3.71
    Chapter 3.72
    Chapter 3.73
    Chapter 3.74
    Chapter 3.75
    Chapter 3.76
    Chapter 3.77
    Chapter 3.78
    Chapter 3.79
    Chapter 3.80
    Chapter 3.81
    Chapter 3.82
    Chapter 3.83
    Chapter 3.84
    Chapter 3.85
    Chapter 3.86
    Chapter 3.87
    Chapter 3.88
    Chapter 3.89
    Chapter 3.90
    Chapter 3.91
    Chapter 3.92
    Chapter 3.93
    Chapter 3.94
    Chapter 3.95
    Chapter 3.96
    Chapter 3.97
    Chapter 3.98
    Chapter 3.99
    Chapter 3.100

    Sustentation (Ongoing)

A story in the same universe - Available on Patreon, and Royal Road. This is a side project, because again, I didn't expect this to be an anthology series.

Kareem and Wesley are roommates who live entirely different lives. Kareem drifts through life with no goals or purpose besides finding his next drink of blood. Wesley is a devout Christian who seeks salvation for both he and Kareem. Both have their secrets and as the two are forced to spend more time together they learn more about each other and themselves. Together they come to qustion the meaning of power, Christianity, and how far the definition of humanity truly goes. Sustenation is the corner where nutrients meets addiction. Will Kareem and Wesley be able to separate the two? 

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 7.5

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