The echoes of violence outside fill the shed I’ve been stuck in these last few weeks. It started with gunshots, few and far between but no screams. The gun shots stopped when someone yelled. From there I would hear more muffled yells, the occasional explosion and a car crash. It’s chaos out there, but all seems to be growing closer. I might be able to understand what they’re shouting if they get closer. I don’t know who’s fighting but I say a silent prayer that they kill the entire Marson family.

 I had given up hope on anyone coming to save me, or even finding me right when I started hallucinating, but now seems to be my chance to go free, if only someone can hear me. I shout and scream with energy I didn’t know I had left. Soon there’s banging outside the shed door. The moment of freedom is in front of me. Destiny, a SWAT team sent by Elias, the army sent by my mother, or my father and his old gun toting buddies. Who came to save me?

 The banging continues. I hear shouting about the lock and not having a key. If it was someone with the Marson Family they would have a key. I’m really going to be saved. I’ve waited for this moment, endured, and finally the moment is in front of me. The banging stops and I’m blinded by the light outside shining in.

“Couldn’t leave without finishing you off,” I recognize Cathy’s voice.

“Let me go.”

“No, things have gone bad here, and you need to be taken care of before I move on. They want you alive, but I can’t have you telling people about me.”

Cathy produces a knife, and almost as if it were in slow motion she plunges it into my chest. When the blade stops, she pushes forward with her entire bodyweight. I don’t even feel the pain, I can’t fight back, the shock freezes me. She could stop there but pulls the blade down my abdomen. The only thought running through my head is when the pain will kick in. I open my mouth to scream and nothing comes out. The world around me goes silent, this isn’t another of her illusions. This is real, I know instantly. I thought I accepted my death, but here I am not accepting it, trying to fight the void. Fight the darkness at the edge of my vision. Don’t let it win. Blink it away.

I open my eyes to the ceiling. Destiny staring over me.

“You came for me,” I try to speak the words but it feels like my mouth is full of some liquid.

Destiny responds with tears in her eyes. I can’t understand, the tears drop on my face, and I can’t even feel them. She looks remorseful.

“It’s not your fault,” I try to speak again but I can’t hear myself.

I try to reach her face, but the darkness takes me again. Kaluga smiles and I open my eyes again. She’s speaking now, but I can’t make out the words. Probably wants me to stay with her. I’m trying, I am.

I open my eyes to Destiny, drinking blood from my stomach. I try pushing her away but I can’t seem to move my body anymore.

A burning sensation across my abdomen brings me back from the darkness. No longer shaking hands with Kaluga.

“San nan san mwen. San nan san mwen. San nan san mwen,” I can hear her now.

“Hey, I love you,” she ignores me.

“San nan san mwen. San nan san mwen. San nan san mwen.”

 She jams her bloodied wrist into my mouth, I can’t push it away. The taste of blood has become all too common in my life. Hers is different, sweeter, warm, fresh blood. Not a good taste. But nothing like before.

“San nan san mwen. San nan san mwen. San nan san mwen,” those words again.

She grips my mouth and forces more of her blood down my throat. Tilting my head when I can’t swallow.

“Fun mi ni agbara lati pa awon ota mi,” new words.

“I’m trying to tell you I love you,” I can’t hear my own words.

“Fun mi ni agbara lati pa awon ota mi,” I still hear what she’s chanting.

She uses blood to draw some symbols over me. Last rights? I guess, but I’d rather hear her say she loves me. I can’t blink away the darkness anymore.

“San nan san mwen. Fun mi ni agbara lati pa awon ota mi,” yeah whatever you say.


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