[Present Day]

I climb through the window of the old abandoned church as rain starts to pour down. Inside, the building is magnificent, even with no lights and dust covering every inch. The red seats still stand out when lightening manages to light the building for a few moments. The vibrant blues and yellows of various murals stand out. With my sparce background in church, I can make out a few. The baptism of Jesus Christ, the betrayal by Judas. Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Simon having his name changed to Peter.

Name, a name is something that defines you. The definition can be changed if you’re up to it, but it defines you. My name is Maddox Nielson, I finally remember that. My name came rushing back to me, along with Destiny’s Death and everything that entailed. I’m still missing gaps of my memory but my name is my name and that makes me a real person now. I’ve got a history, a family. Mom, dad, Charlene, Elias, me, D’Andre, Ivory and Sage. I need to find them, talk to them. Let them know I’m alive, apologize for all the time I’ve missed. The twins are probably adults now. Charlene and D’Andre are probably racing to a billion dollars right now. The twins are adults now, I wonder what they’re doing. Elias, Elias is probably broken up. I told him I’d be gone for a few days, and it’s been a few years. He probably had to be the one that reported me missing, might have even accused him of murdering me.  

I use my hand to knock away the thin layer of dust on one of the pews before lying across it. There aren’t any grand paintings on the ceiling, but there are intricate ornaments and decorations carved into the old wood ceiling. Every so often when lighting strikes, I can see how detailed the images are, but can never make out what the full image is. Those are my memories at the moment, intricate, detailed. I can get the basics but I can’t ever view the full image.

For now, this church will be my home, base of operations. I’ll need to contact my family, plot revenge. I’ll explore in the morning, find out if this place will be suitable. I pull that kid’s phone from little pocket in space. The brightness annoys my eyes, and it seems to be locked, it needs some four-digit code. I stare at the dark phone screen, guessing which order to put the numbers in. There are two number ones, a zero and an eight. My first two tries net me nothing but a vibration and failure notice. I settle on 1018 and the phone opens up as if I was Indiana Jones. Do they still make those movies? I spend a few minutes tapping around on the screen, getting a real understanding of how it works. I keep being impressed by all the ways technology has changed. I’m so upset I missed out on all of this stuff. Phones have GPS now, and that’s crazy to me. GPS used to be some box you’d buy in a store and have installed in your car. We used to download MP3s just to put them on CDs, but now they’re just on your phone, and good quality.

A notification stating “find my phone,” flashes on the screen before I swipe it away. I open up the map function and zero in on the church. It’ll be a good base for me. It’s not far from downtown, but still out of the way. There’re a few blood banks nearby, another bonus. I won’t usually need to feed often, but drinking more blood might help some of my memories come back.  

I head over to ask.com to see what Jeeves can find on my family. It used to be a plain white background with a butler, now there’s a dozen news articles and the search bar is minimal. The only thing I can find is a list of accounts on something called Facebook. It looks like MySpace, but extremely corporate. Everything looks sanitized, no personality to any of it. I can’t even view most of these pages without creating an account, but that’s not on my list for now. I’m sure I’ll just be able to look them up in the yellow pages later.

The last thing I need after spending years in what amounts to a coma, is more sleep. But I think it’ll help me grab a few more memories. I keep remembering a Simon and Isaac from somewhere that’s out of reach. The thunderstorm has settled to just rain and some rolling thunder, it should be perfect weather for sleep. Instead, I find myself making a list of people who wronged me, people who caused me to be in this situation. I have memories of telling Destiny not to go chasing after revenge, but here I am, planning revenge. I don’t even know if any of these people are still alive, but I want to make sure they aren’t.                                


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