Chapter 24 - Kaiden

Chapter 24 - Kaiden

I’ve been walking for a day. I think it was a day. I haven’t exactly been able to sleep here on the side of the road. Every now and then I’ll find a stone I can rest against. But there’s animals and other stuff out here that can kill me. For now, I just need to keep going. Nobody has come for me yet. That doesn’t mean they won’t. Someone knew I was escaping. If they get caught they might tell the police or something. What if they call the army? Oh man, I can be in some real trouble. Wait, do they even have police? Get it together Kaiden. You can sleep later. For now, don’t go crazy. Just keep walking.

I finish the last of the snacks that were in the bag. There’s nothing left but a couple of bottles of green slimy liquid and some letters. One of them is for me. The other is for Jason. Woah, a letter for Jason. That means the person knew I was looking for Jason. It was Mrs. Dalia. She had to be the one who helped me. What’s up with the green stuff? The letters probably have an answer but can I read these without Jason? There’s two. Oh, my stomach is still growling. Well sorry buddy, there’s nothing for us to eat right now. We could probably drink the green stuff, but it might kill us so be quiet for now.

Oh look, it’s night again. Maybe I didn’t consider how long it would take to walk to this bus station. I knew it was half way there. But halfway is a long way. I decided I’d hitchhike with the first car I saw. But this day two. Day three? I don’t know. I haven’t seen a single car yet. This is crazy. Maybe I should go back and steal a car. What if I’m close and I go all the way back, and really, I just walk further for no reason. I can’t even drive. I hope this place is close. Hey, if the sun is a star, why doesn’t it come out at night with the other stars? The sun thinks it’s so special. Well it’s not. Stupid sun thinking it can be the star of the show.

That’s it that’s the station. Am I seeing things? No that’s it. I’ve got the strength to run now. My stomach is growling and I’m sure my feet have blisters but it doesn’t matter. The bus station means I just need to catch a bus to the city and I can find Jason. This is great, I really made it. I should have never doubted you Kaiden. Why are you doing third person? I should have never doubted me. You hear that Sun? Us normal people can do stuff too.

Rice Riglies, Jabber’s Cups, Snipsnaps and Tiftofs, this vending machine has it all. They’ve even got Cheeselocks. I didn’t know they still made those. Stomach, relax. The solution to our starvation has come in the form of this vending machine. No, I don’t have any money in my pockets. Let me check the backpack. No money here either. Aww man, this sucks. I finally found food and I don’t even have the money to get anything to eat.

“Hey, you hungry kid,” a scrawny guy with green eyes and slightly pointed ears stops me.

“Yeah, I haven’t eaten in a few days.”

“Well, I don’t have anymore cash, but you can have the rest of these Goblin Bites,” he offers me the bag.

“Thank you, if we ever meet again, I’ll pay you back,” I grab the bag and start to eat.

He laughs and walks towards a bus heading in the direction I just came from. If the classes back at the temple were right, he might be some kind of Orc or Goblin. They didn’t make much distinction. More like they’re different breeds of the same species or something like dogs. Wow, that was racist. I don’t know but he just saved me from dying. These Goblin Bites aren’t half bad. He’s probably a Goblin since he was eating Goblin Bites. 

I head into the bathroom, it smells worse than any bathroom I’ve ever been in. Still, it has hot water, I can use the soap and paper towels to clean myself up a little. I haven’t seen anyone other than the Goblin at this station so I don’t hesitate to clean everything. It might have been me stinking and not the bathroom. I still don’t feel completely clean, but I do feel better.

I pick out a bench and stretch across it. Using the backpack as a pillow I try to get comfortable. I can either walk the other half way or I can wait and hope the bus driver has pity on me and just give me a ride. Bus drivers are usually pretty good people and that’s a long walk.


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