Chapter 23 - Kaiden

Chapter 23 - Kaiden

I spent the weekend at the library again. This time I was trying to figure out where the city close by was supposed to be. The city of Thinis, supposedly it was once located somewhere else in the world. One day Dark Elves moved the whole city to a new location when they were losing a war. A way to save their population from defeat at the hands of Trolls. Supposedly the Trolls had bathed in a river that was used to dispose of ineffective magical potions. This let them become immune to magic. The Dark Elves couldn’t fight them physically. Moving the city was their last resort, but that’s all history or myths.

Thinis is where Jason is. I couldn’t find anything on the security to get out of the temple. But, I know where the wall is through exploring. I’ll have to take the Southern exit. If I keep going South eventually I’ll hit a road that will take me to the city. There’s a bus station along the way so I won’t have to walk the full distance. Luckily, I don’t have much, if anything to pack. I’m not taking these stupid robes for sure. It’s a little chilly tonight so I’ll bring my jacket. I don’t even need to bring a backpack. I should get a stick and just tie everything I own in a bandana like the old cartoons. I’m really doing this. There’s no turning back now. Well, I guess there is, but I’m not.

This place looks so much creepier at night. Really old buildings, nobody walking around. The sounds of nature aren’t exactly calming. But, I’m going to have to go through nature if I want to get to that road. So far I haven’t seen anyone to stop me, but I would have felt much better if I could have gotten some information on the security around here. Instead I just make a run for it and pick dark spots to catch my breath. This place is pretty big when you’re trying to run across the whole thing at once. There are whole sections I had never seen before. I guess I’ll never get to explore them now.

“Is someone over there,” a woman’s voice yells out as a flashlight shines in my direction.

Oh crap, this is the end for me. I’m caught. I duck behind a tree and wait, but she keeps looking in this direction. I do the only thing I can think of. I grab a stone from the ground and throw it as hard as I can in the opposite direction. It doesn’t hit anything and the light goes past again. I grab another rock and fling it to my other side. This time it taps a glass window and grabs her attention. She follows off after the sound and I sprint towards my destination before she comes back.

I finally make the wall and there’s no gate in sight. I have to actually climb the wall. I look for a big rock or something I can stand on. I might be able to jump and climb over the wall. I find a trashcan and flip it over before dragging it to the wall. Littering is bad, but I think I can get a pass this one time. I’ll pick up some trash somewhere else. I climb on top of the trash can and jump but still can’t reach the top of the wall. This thirteen-year-old body is not working for me, I need my sixteen-year-old body, I’m sure it’s tall. I’ll work on that when I get out. For now I jump and dig my fingers into the wall. I try to pull myself over but my arms just aren’t strong enough. I try to climb with my feet but I keep slipping in these stupid monk shoes.

I feel a hand on butt and before I can turn to see what’s behind me I’m falling into the dirt on the other side of the wall. A bookbag flies over behind me. I didn’t bring a bookbag. A glowing rock flies over next and lands on my head next. Did someone just help me break out? I hear and alarm sound, they must know someone broke out. I grab the rock and backpack then take off running. The rock heats up in my hand and I look down. It’s glowing red, but it was just green a second ago.

I turn the and run the other direction. This time it quickly cools and turns back to green. Is this some kind of compass? Whatever, I’ll take any help I can get as everything starts to light up behind me. I run, but it’s hard getting through this forest of trees. I hate the forest. I step in something too wet to be poop and too smelly to be water. The alarms have woken up some sleeping animals. Roars and howls fill the air and I can only hope I don’t run into any of them. They all sound dangerous. I’d rather test my luck with the temple guards at this point. I just put my head down and keep running. Even if the stones and sticks poke through these shoes I have to keep running until I can’t hear the sirens anymore.

I trip and fall flat onto asphalt. I made it to the road. Magic compass rock, tell me which way I need to go. Right is red and hot so I head to the left. I hope this thing is telling me where to go. Hot is supposed to mean I’m on the right path but this thing is burn your skin off hot. I guess that bus station is going to be pretty far away because right now, I don’t see anything but trees and road.


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