The woman that welcomed me into house was Granny, just Granny. I tried to get another name from her, but she wouldn’t give me one. She claims to be 168 years old, but she doesn’t look to be over 50, a young looking 50. I suppose that’s a perk of being a vampire. She remembers Destiny as soon as I mentioned her. The words sounded filled with joy, then sadness that Destiny had died, but the body language was suspicious. She doesn’t trust me, I don’t trust her. But, there’s something that we want from each other. I want to learn more about Adze and different things I can do. She wants to know what Destiny had planned. While Destiny didn’t have anything, I’m not dumb enough to outright tell her that. I have to move more cautiously now, the way she did. She’s not here to bail me out of trouble anymore.

Next to Granny is Old Ben, a man that’s supposedly just as old. I’m not sure if they’re lovers or not, but he hasn’t spoken much. He’s spent most of our little lunch chat staring at me and Sampson. It’s clear he doesn’t like either of us. Sampson seems like a child on his best behavior, he’s afraid of them, that tells me they’re dangerous. I need to learn what I can and get out. Isis is the gardener, she brought in the lunch and went back outside. The other members of the family that were mentioned are Michael who is a mechanic, James who Sampson called a no good thief and then there’s recruits. Big Chester doesn’t talk much and apparently, he makes Sampson look small. Catalina, Ashley and Isaac are human, they haven’t been turned but they’ve been with the family for almost a year. I’ll be sharing a room with Isaac if we ever finish this dinner.

As for the house, it’s a plantation. It’s inside one of those little bubble worlds, hidden away from the eyes of normal people and only accessible to those with the key. As beautiful as the grounds look through the windows we’re supposedly in a swamp somewhere.

“Do you know why I call this place Turnerville,” Granny asks.

“If he doesn’t we can feed him the gators,” Old Ben chimes in with a heavy accent.

“It’s named after Nat Turner,” I answer.

“That’s right, I met him once. He was a wonderful man, a brave man. We offered him the power to become Adze, the power to rise up and kill his masters. He turned us down. He said he would pry freedom from this country with his own hands and he almost did. I was just a girl then, I couldn’t understand why our elders wouldn’t help him. They said it was a bout pride, and I didn’t understand that at the time. I thought it was all about power, and being Adze gave us the power to never be enslaved again.”

I listen, and nod as Granny tells me about all the Black leaders she’s met in the past. She swears Langston Hughes is an Adze traveling the world right now and he sends her letters sometimes. Who would even be able to find the house and deliver the letters? I don’t let her know I think she’s full of crap. I let her talk until she’s tired.

“You been through the trials,” Old Ben asks.

“I don’t think so,” I’m still not sure if I hallucinated or I really went through the trials.

“If you don’t know, then you ain’t,” Old Ben spits back at me.

“It’s not a problem, you can go through with the babies. They’re close to the turning point so they’re about to do trials,” Granny cuts him off.

“Thank you, you’ve been so kind to me,” I respond.

“It’s what we do for family, and you married one of my daughters.”

“I can’t say thank you enough,” Destiny didn’t teach me to kiss ass, and I can tell Granny loves it.

“You thanked me by making my little girl happy,” she smiles. “I’m sure you’re tired, Sampson will take you to your room.”

Sampson is somewhat calmer as he gives me a small tour of the house. He seems to be searching for something and I don’t want to upset him by asking. Eventually we make it to the library, a small room in the corner of the second floor.

“You really marry Destiny,” he asks without warning.


“She ever mention me?”


“Damn,” he pauses for a minute. “If someone gives you trouble, come see me. Michael don’t care about nothing but cars and driving fast. Isis has her head so far up Granny’s ass she could taste her dinner. James ain’t shit, a good for nothing thieving asshole and you shouldn’t trust him as far as you can throw his crooked ass. But if Destiny liked you, I got you,” he puts a heavy hand on my shoulder.

The room he leads me to is somewhat large, especially for one person, but there’s a bathroom attached. Still, there’s only one bed; hanging off that bed upside down is tall, but skinny guy with amber skin and curly black hair featuring a section dyed pink. It doesn’t take much for me to guess this is Isaac.

“There’s a bathroom, but one bed,” I try to joke.

“Well it’s king size bed. One by the head, one by the legs. As long as nobody pisses in the bed you’re good,” Sampson makes his own joke.

“My little brother used to pee in the bed,” I respond.

“I don’t pee in the bed,” Isaac lifts his legs over his head, flipping his body until he’s standing. “At least I’m sharing the bed with someone cute.”

“Here we go with this shit again. Good luck,” Sampson smacks me on the back hard and heads off down the hall.

“You look a little old to still be trying to turn. How many times have you done this?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Old, you got frown lines,” Isaac studies my face.

“I don’t even know what that means.”

“We’re going to have to get you a skin care routine.”

“I got some Noxzema, is that what you mean? I haven’t had to use it since I turned, but I’ve got some.”

“Wait,” Isaac finally stops talking for a second. “You already turned? Like full on blood sucking?”


“If you can make it, I know I can.”

“Wow, nice to meet you too.”


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