Chapter 3.9 – The Dating Game

Chapter 3.9 – The Dating Game

“This isn’t really what I thought would happen when you said we’d get new clothes and hit the clubs. You robbed some random rich guy, and you made a fake dating profile for me, while holding him hostage at his house. I’ve been on sixteen dates over the last week and you’ve forced me to ruin every one of them,” I look strange arguing with nobody else in the club.  

“Well, they aren’t the right girl for you. You need the soul sucking kind of girl. The kind that’ll suck your soul right out of your body, and leave you weak at the knees,” Destiny responds through the ear piece.

“Like you?”

“I’m Adze, not a succubus and I won’t be doing any sucking with you,” I can never tell if Destiny likes my jokes or not.

For now, I just sit quietly and wait, as quietly as you can sit in a night club. I’ve gone on four normal dates in my life. A coffee date, but I don’t drink coffee so I had a horrible look on my face the whole time. A dinner date, she brought a friend with her, I had to pay for both. A movie date, we didn’t talk at all, because we were watching a movie. A walk in the park, it was nice, then there was a surprise thunderstorm. I didn’t call any of those women back, I was too embarrassed. I wouldn’t have called the dinner duo back anyway. I would have never thought to go on a date at a night club, then again, this is a really fancy night club. I wouldn’t even call it a night club. They’ve got a dance floor, and all the night club requirements but they’ve got live music and not just the DJ. The clothing is a lot more upscale too, it’s not a bad place. None of the singers really have any emotion, but it’s not bad. I guess more of a cross between a jazz and hip-hop club. I wonder what kind of profit they have or how they decide who gets more time between musicians and the DJs. The easiest way to do it would probably be creating an algorithm comparing the cost of the performer to the alcohol purchased during their set. That might be why all of these singers suck. People want to drink the pain away.

“She’s here. Stand up and wave,” Destiny gives me more instructions. Wonder how this one will go.

I just wave like an idiot until one of the people walking through the door recognizes me. A tall, pale white woman, a champagne-colored dress, and flowing brown hair. If there was a look for classic Hollywood celebrities, she would fit it. I could picture her being rescued by classic detective Ace Harlem and then he says something like, I can’t love you dame I got a woman, before driving away. She’s not ugly, but it’s just off-putting how she appears to have walked out of a 1940s or 50s film.

“Hey, I’m Jenny, are you Carlton,” she makes her way over after spotting me.

“Yeah, nice to meet you,” I shake her hand and pull out a chair at the table as Destiny giggles in my ear. The joke is funny to her every time.

“Ask if she likes sucking souls, I bet she loves sucking souls. Suck your soul right out of your body” Destiny says in my ear.

“Did you find the place okay,” I ignore her.

“Yeah, I’ve driven by a few times, but I’ve never been here. It’s really nice, a lot more upscale than I thought it would be. You’ve got good taste,” Jenny compliments me.

“Stick your hand up, order some drinks,” Destiny chimes in

“How about some drinks,” I wave my hand.

“That sounds lovely, it’ll lighten up the mood.”

“So what do you do for a living,” I ask after ordering a merlot.

A long pause, “I’m a stylist,” she finally answers.

“I could have used you this evening when I was getting dressed,” I joke.

“Don’t make jokes, you aren’t that funny,” Destiny chimes in.

“Maybe, I’ll help you get undressed later, and we’ll try on something more, exciting. Maybe a birthday suit,” Jenny stares into my eyes, not so much joking.

“Say you wouldn’t mind,” Destiny notices my pause.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all,” I nervously respond to the question.

We drink and eat some great fish as we chat, she’s heavy on the inuendo and Destiny has me playing along. This is one of the Succubusess...succubi, the gang we’re after. I don’t need Destiny to tell me, I just pick up on it. Nothing wrong with a woman who knows she wants sex, but she’s way too aggressive here. Enough that she’s making me uncomfortable, I just know I’m heading for a bad situation here. I just have to trust that Destiny doesn’t let me end up dead despite all her jokes.

“Have you ever done drugs,” Jenny asked.

“I smoked some pot,” I shrug.

“But you’ve never had anything else,” she pressed me.


“Would you like to liven up the mood a little,” she asks.

“Say yes, you won’t die. She can’t get your soul if you’re dead,” Destiny urges me.

“Sure,” I hesitate.

“Take this,” she hands me a small pill.

I wash it down with some wine and nothing happens right away. We finish up the meal and pay, before making our way to my waiting limo, that I didn’t know I had. Destiny is waiting, dressed like a driver, and holding a sign with my name in big bold letters. Jenny is impressed and rushes to the limo as Destiny opens the door for her. Destiny is even prettier than I remember. Maybe it’s because she’s a vampire and she’s out at night, but she’s so pretty. Why couldn’t I be on a date with her? Inside the limo smells great, like Destiny.

On the way to whatever fancy hotel Destiny has acquired without me knowing, I realize she’s so smart and capable. The pill has kicked in, why would I call her smart and capable, like she’s a Boy Scout instructor. The pill, I’m feeling it. My body feels like it is going to float away if I don’t hold onto the door handle. I need to focus. The pill was probably supposed to make Jenny irresistible to me. Maybe whoever I looked at first. The wine might have slowed the reaction so it was Destiny instead of Jenny. Either way, I think Jenny may have noticed the pill is kicking in.

She wraps both her arms around my arm. She’s so warm, warmer than anyone I’ve ever touched. Not that I’ve touched a lot of people, but she’s really warm. Fall asleep warm. I could stay like this forever. No, that’s whatever she gave me talking. Jenny isn’t so bad; she laughs at my jokes. Destiny doesn’t. I lean over to kiss Jenny and the limo lurches forward flinging me to the ground. The window separating us from the driver rolls down.

“Sorry, a kid ran in front of the car. Had to slam the breaks. Hope I didn’t ruin anything,” Destiny responds angrily.


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