3.102 - The Book of Adze

3.102 - The Book of Adze


On the way back to Dulac Sampson stopped and gave Isaac and myself our cut of the money that had been taken. It was a fair amount of money. About $200,000 for each Isaac and myself. I threw mine in my pocket dimension and thought nothing more of it. Isaac is insane, and had us stop at several Western Union’s to wire the money to his bank account in various disguises. Sampson didn’t try to hide his cut, the largest share, but insisted we hide ours. Beyond that, he didn’t say much to us the rest of the way back besides asking what we wanted to eat. It was a long trip back, a scenic route with plenty of stops and days to rest. When we pulled into Dulac, he turned the rest of the money over to Old Ben, about $730,000 from what I heard. I haven’t seen much of him since then, I skipped most of the dinners and it seemed like he’s been doing the same.

I’ve been spending most of my time in the ancient little library, reading Destiny’s journal, learning. Trying to figure out more about what’s going on here; how to expand my understanding of magic and what it means to really be Adze have been at the front of my mind. Most of the books in this library are covered with dust, but never opened. Mostly classic literature, things I’ve got no interest in. I do manage to find one book that interests me. It’s a big black book with a hardcover and pages lined with gold. Almost like a Bible, but there’s no text on the cover, on none of the pages. I flip through it and sit it aside a dozen times, but I can’t seem to leave it alone, something is drawing me to it.

I run my hand along the edges again, feeling the smooth, gold sides. Ouch, I gave myself a papercut. I place the book down and look for a paper towel, napkin, or anything to wipe away the blood. I settle on some toilet paper from the bathroom across the hall.

When I return the book is different, filled with words, diagrams. The cover reads, The Book of Adze in gold lettering, actual gold maybe. As I skim through the pages, it’s filled with information about Adze, stuff I knew, stuff I didn’t know. It’s all there. The trials, how to kill and Adze.

The trials they’re going through aren’t legit, trials aren’t even needed to become Adze. It’s three experiences a person needs to have to truly be Adze, and open their mind, body and soul to the full abilities. You can still be turned without them, but if you want to reach your full potential they’re required. Granny was just lying to everyone. It’s a cult, a greedy cult looking for ways to make more money.

Darkness, blood and humanity, those are the experiences required to be Adze according to the book. Darkness requires your mind to remain sane in the darkest moments. Some say they are visited by either Anansi or Ekwensu, trickster gods attempting to drive someone insane. Blood is all about the connection to your ancestors, do you really care about their history, their messages, can you feel their magic flowing through you being passed down through generations. Humanity just tests if you’re a good person, this is the only one required. It’s a near death experience, if you’re good, you’ll come back, if not, you’ll just die. The only other required part is the ritual to actually become Adze.

There’s one question I’m eager to know, how did Marson Family kill Destiny? I flip through the pages eagerly, searching for an answer. It’s been on every page, the answer is gold. Werewolves have silver, and Adze have gold. A stake, holy water or whatever else kills regular vampires wouldn’t work on us. Injuries that are inflicted by gold are treated the same way they would on a human. That’s why the bullet wounds didn’t heal quickly. It’s why they could decapitate her, the golden bullets and swords are just more modern than gold tipped stakes. The fact that Granny hid all this information is why she thought Adze were invincible. She just didn’t know any better. But, how did the Marson family know? Had they dealt with Adze before, or had someone tipped them off?

They’ve lied to Destiny about everything, they were never her family. They never wanted anyone to have access to whatever the full abilities are, I’ll have to keep reading to know what they are. Destiny didn’t trust them, and she was right. I need to start planning my exit from this place. For now, I probably don’t want to leave this in the open. There’s so much more read, so much more to learn. If I pair this with Destiny’s journal I can figure out what really goes on here.


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