I lose track of her footsteps, unsure of where she ran off too, stuck in this alleyway. Thirty minutes seems like a really short amount of time, until you’re frozen in place, with somewhere to go. If she runs to the hotel, I’m sure she’s got some tools or something to help her fight. That’ll be my first stop. But would she go to the hotel? There’s a lot of commotion and I’m sure a lot of people saw what happened. I try to wiggle my toes, and nothing. They stay in place; my body has forsaken me.  

“I’ve located one,” I hear a man’s voice but can’t even move my eyes to look to the side.”

He kicks me in the chest and I don’t respond. He laughs and pokes at my body a few times, checks a pulse and laughs some more. I wish I could move, I’d try that heart ripper thing Destiny does sometimes.

“Looks like she took him out. Human shouldn’t have been playing in our world. Never turns out well for them. I’ll fold back into the party.”

“Don’t bother, she’s gotten pretty far,” a voice on the other side of his earpiece. “Rendezvous at the car, we’ll catch up.”

I’m just listening to his footsteps as he leaves. This is becoming all too common for me. I don’t know if it’s been thirty minutes but I haven’t stopped trying to move my body. Damnit, do not fail me. Didn’t I treat you right? Eat enough fruits and vegetables, get some exercise on the regular. This is not my limit, I will not sit here while the love of my life is hunted down because she has some bullshit idea of saving me. I am not a helpless and lost puppy, anymore. I’m more capable than she’s giving me credit for.  

My right arm responds to my demands and instantly becomes my favorite limb. I use it to push my body against the wall and lift up. Standing up lets some blood flow to my legs and perhaps that’s what I needed. My right leg doesn’t respond but I can drag myself with the left. By the time I reach the edge of the alley I can move both legs. If I can just catch him, I can get the earpiece and I can find Destiny.

Do not quit on me, do not fail me. It’s becoming a mantra for me to repeat in my head as I gain ground on him. He’s not even looking; he’ll regret not turning around and looking at me. He turns down an alleyway and I spot the car. There’s a single other vampire watching, no helmet, smoking a cigarette. The sun is down, and they’re much less cautious. This is my chance; I have to force my body to move because I can’t take both at the same time.

I wrap my forearm around his neck and lean back trying to snap it as he begins to fight back. He claws at my eyes, but the gloves that were there to protect him from the sun are protecting me from him. Destiny always made this look so easy, but I just can’t seem snap his neck. Screw it, I just drop to the ground taking his neck with me, and it’s enough to get him to stop struggling. I grab his ear piece and put it in my pocket, I’ll need it to find Destiny. I push myself off the ground as his partner starts to walk towards us. My legs aren’t strong enough and I find myself falling at his feet.

“You little shit,” he approaches me.

I’ve got one move, and I don’t like using it, but it saved me from more than one fight. Long before Destiny showed up, this was my special move. I lunge forward with the little strength my legs have left and jam my fist right in his balls. Not the best move, not the smartest but every man will crumble to it, vampires included. It’s got some extra force since last time I had to do it, but I’m sure he’ll be talking in soprano for a while. I don’t bother trying to finish him, it’s a fight just to make it to the car right now.  

For once, I’m glad someone left the car running. By the time I’m set to pull off the second guy is getting off the ground. I don’t think twice about running him and his buddy over with as much speed as possible. There’s no bone crunching sound, just a bunch of thuds; it won’t kill them, but it’ll give me time to get away and listen in to the pursuit.

I drive towards the direction Destiny ran off to, hoping signs of chaos lead me directly to her. There’s silence coming from the radio, silence in the streets. She may have slipped away from them. No, I heard him say she was on the move earlier. I haven’t heard anything about her being captured or lost. I just need to keep waiting, and searching.

“She’s headed into Bernie’s Pageant,” a voice calls over the radio.

Sounds like I finally have a destination. I remember that place, it was near our hotel room. I step on the gas not really knowing where I’m going, only which direction I’m heading towards. Just hold on for me Destiny, I’m on my way.

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