Chapter 30 - Jason

Chapter 30 - Jason

My face feels like it’s burning as a rough hand runs across my face and smacks me awake. Did they knock me out? How long did they beat me? Another rough slap. I don’t open my eyes yet. I’m trying to remember what happened. I was outside fighting, beat a few Orcs. Reinforcements came from inside, someone in a car pulled up. They dragged me inside. There it is, they started beating me. Wanted to know who I worked for. I didn’t answer. I guess they really did knock me out. They’re going to pay for that. It’s personal now. A third hard slap.

“If you slap me like that again, I’m going to cut you open make you jump rope with your own intestines,” I open my eyes and stare at the Orc in front of me.

He must be the boss. Suit and tie, really sticking to the mafia vibe. The nasty kinked dreadlocks they’ve taken to wearing cover his head. He’s one of the few Orcs I’ve seen who still has the large underbite and massive teeth. Long lost their evolutionary purpose, most Orcs aren’t born with them anymore. Lots of them still get them implanted, their way of distinguishing themselves from the Goblins even more. His look like he opted for gold and jewel incrusted implants. I can’t wait until I get the chance to knock them right out of his head.

“You must not know who you’re talking to,” he wrings his hands.

“I don’t give a fuck who I’m talking to, just don’t slap me again,” I notice all of my gear spread out neatly on a table behind him. Is this some kind of interrogation?

“I’m a nice guy, so I won’t slap you again if you tell me who you’re working for.”

“I’m a free agent,” I joke.

“Don’t try to be a tough guy, you’re lucky we didn’t kill you.”

“Well thank you for your kindness,” they’re not used to hostages. They’ve ziptied my hands together in front of me. That move is going to cost him his life.

“Now, who do you work for?”

“I told you, I work for myself. Don’t you listen?”

This time he goes for a closed hand punch, to the top of my head. I told him to keep his hands to himself. I lift myself from the chair and look up into his eyes. He doesn’t back down. Good, it’ll be a fight. I lift my knee directly into his groin. I’m not above nut shots. While he recoils, I raise my arms over my head and slam them down, snapping the zipties. Now we’ve got a fair fight.

He rushes in trying to take me down. I sidestep and slam his head into the wall. I’m pissed off now. I don’t give him a moment to escape. I pound the back of his head punch after punch. My knuckles feel the pain of his hard skull, but I’m sure he’s feeling as much pain as I am right now. I hear the door start to open, I rush to the other side of the room. I kick the door closed on another Orcs arm. He snatches it back and I lock the door.

I grab my things from the table, looks like I’m taking a hostage out of her. I grab my knife and lift the boss. Knife around his neck I head out the room to several pissed off Orcs. When they see the knife they calm down. Orcs never leave anyone behind if they can get out.

“I’m gonna kill you,” one Orc yells, being held back by his friends.

“Go get Gnoth,” the boss mumbles and a few take off.

The rest remain still as I make my way into the main lobby. I’m stopped when I come face to face with what must be Gnoth. I just let the boss go, because I can’t win this fight with a hostage. Gnoth has to bee full blooded Orc. I had heard rumors about Orcs still breeding some for war in the event that they could rise to power again. I thought they were rumors, but clearly not. Gnoth had to be at least eight feet tall and four hundred pounds of muscle. His teeth weren’t implants and he had them at the top and bottom. He even dragged a warhammer across the ground. I had never seen a warhammer anywhere beyond history books, but he was dragging one that had to be a few hundred pounds and he was standing between me and the door.

I make the first move. I rush towards the left side of the room, then change directions and try to slide between his legs. He grabs me and tosses me back to the other side of the room. I pull myself off the floor. I’m just going to have to find another way. I’ve got one sunlight grenade left. I could try that but I’m not sure when I can afford more. I don’t even know if bullets could penetrate. I guess I could try cutting him down to size.

My choice is made as he starts to move towards me dragging the hammer. He lifts it into the air puncturing the ceiling as he reaches the peak. This gives me a chance. I dive at his foot and make some rapid slashes at the back of the tree trunks he calls ankles before he can kick me off and send me into another wall. He’s cut and bleeding but it doesn’t look like it did any good. He’s managed to get his hammer free and now he’s swinging side to side. I manage to dive out of the way as he creates a hole straight through the wall where I used to be.

We continue the song and dance. I dodge a deathblow, I stab at his Achilles again trying to bring him to the ground. Then I get flung across the room. I swear I’ve cut through his tendon at this point and he’s still moving. This time around I scrape the bone for sure and he’s still moving. My lucky break comes when he goes to swing the hammer again. His leg finally gives out under the weight. I take the opportunity to climb his shoulders. I start to stab at his eyes and ears. Any fleshy parts my knife can easily penetrate. He doesn’t even scream in pain. I can only wonder if he even feels pain as he finally falls to the ground. Other Orcs start to close in.

I don’t have enough to fight all these Orcs. I don’t have enough for one more Orc. I pull my guns and start shooting. Bullets start to penetrate and ricochet. I use the chaos to start chasing after the boss Orc. He’s heading for the back door where they brought me in. Probably trying to get to his car, but I won’t let him.


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