We had to get out of Nashville fast. Nobody came after us that night, or the next day when we were still dropping off kids. We even had a day off spending money we looted from the dead. Destiny got a call from one of her contacts, she made the most wanted list. At least, the most wanted list for targets of vampire houses. I guess there was someone who saw what we did and decided not to try to save their friends, family, klansmen or whatever racist vampires are calling each other. Somehow, neither of us seems to care. We’re together, we’re unbeatable in my mind. All that terrible training, mall wars, getting destroyed by werewolves made me a great fighter, now I’m able to actually see what my opponents are doing, it’s a lot easier. I also don’t feel as bad about killing them, that might make me a bad person; but all of these are self defense kills. I’d be happy just shaking hands but prime vamps seem to have some kind of to the death mentality.

Once we got to Birmingham we tried to check out Hell’s Gate. We didn’t expect to actually find a way to Hell, but we were entirely let down. Our last two outings led to a vampire slave trade and a family of goat people. It was kind of nice knowing nothing crazy has happened in Birmingham. This is supposed to be our honeymoon, even if I never officially said that.

“Hey, there’s supposed to be a vampire that goes out and violently murders people on weekends. Want to check it out? Could be your first chance to see a Talamur vampire because it’s got to be one of them, or a Nachzeher.”

“How about we just go back to the hotel, and see each other. It’s almost midnight.”

“You know, Adze don’t need to sleep. That’s one of our bonuses,” Destiny laughs at me.

“I didn’t say anything about sleeping,” I give her a big smile. “But, I like dreaming anyway.”

Off in the distance I hear a woman screaming for help. “You planned for us to be out here didn’t you? Just sitting here doing nothing. It was a stakeout?”

“You got me, let’s go kill a vampire.”

“You’re a cannibal. A vampire that gets joy from killing other vampires.”

“Really it’s like a wolf fighting a dog. Also, I’m not eating them.”

“Why are you like this?”

“Think we can hit a vampire with a car?”


“Decapitation, destruction of the heart, I’m feeling like switching it up.”

“Then get some holy water or silver bullets.”

“Seatbelts blue bird.”

I’m gripping onto the door handle and using my feet as a brake as she peels through the streets searching for the screams, we circle the block three times before we finally zero in on alleyway. She cuts off the car and we make our way down the long alley. The sounds of a dog lapping up water grows louder as we come closer to the end.

I’ve seen vampires drink blood, but I’ve never seen one chew through the flesh of a person. A vampire in a torn, bloodied white suit that seems to be faded and decades old is gnawing at pieces of a blond woman who has clearly died already. Occasionally he stops to lap at the blood, never truly getting enough to satiate the thirst. The whole scene disgusts me. Destiny and I just buy blood, it’s barely more expensive than gasoline for the amount we need. I know some vampires can’t do that, but that’s why there’s synthetic blood, willing donors, blood agreements and so on. He turns and looks at us, hisses and returns to his kill.

“I know this guy.”


“I don’t personally know him, but he’s the head of a small vampire house. He’s been missing for a few weeks. He was always said to be eccentric, but it seems like he’s lost his mind in age.”

“Remember you theorized Nachzeher might be Primeval vamps that went insane? I think you might be right.”

“At least we don’t have to look forward to that.”

“What do we do with him?”

“We could turn him in for money, but they’d just put him back in control. I think we should kill him.”

“Go for it.”

Destiny quickly snaps his neck back and slits the throat. Not a full decapitation, but enough to kill him. The body falls over and his leg twitches for a few seconds. I was wondering if I stopped caring about killing, but here I am trying to control my shaking as Destiny pulls off. Is it the killing that bothers me or the idea that I may turn out like him?

“Are you good,” Destiny asks as we approach our hotel.

“I didn’t know if I wanted to be a vampire. Being Adze, isn’t bad at all. I drink a little blood every now and then, and I’m good. But, I’m still afraid I might end up like that guy.”

“As far as a I know, Adze haven’t been around long enough for any of us to go insane.”

“But it’s a possibility.”

“Not for tomorrow.”


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