My throat burns as air rushes through my body like never before, expanding and contracting rapidly. This must be how babies feel when they're born and take their first breaths. The pain of breathing keeps me from moving more than a few inches. I scream out at the sky trying to force the painful air from my lungs. Still my body craves for more of it, devouring it until I can no longer fight the pain. Tears burst from my eyes as the newfound air twirls a new flame in my chest. 

When the pain subsides enough for me to open my eyes and take in my surrounding the world itself seems to assault me. My eyes burn from the dryness as well as pulsate from the bright light all around me. Sunsets were once comfortable, but now it blinds me, burns and pains my eyes. I turn my head to look away only for a splitting headache to arrive with the sound of the grass. I can only lie and be assaulted by this new world, hoping it would soon claim me and end my insanity or I'd grow used to it. 

Two things force me to move from the position I had decided would be my last. The first is Destiny, the perpetual motion in my thoughts. She was here, and I want her back. I need her back around me. The second is something new. A hunger that I've never felt before. I could eat, anything even turnips and I hate turnips. There's no specific food I'm craving, but I'm craving something, anything that can fill my stomach. My dad used to brag about how we never missed a meal unless we wanted to, and I was guilty of being a picky eater, still I've never been this hungry in my life.

Forcing myself to my feet my legs wobble beneath me, unsure if they could support my weight. Each step is pained and unsure. I grip my stomach, trying to avoid the pain. The open wound is no longer there, I don't even feel a scar where it had been. Had everything up until this moment been a dream? No, it was far too real. I can still taste the mouthfuls of blood and feel the beatings and cuts. It was real, the assault on my senses warps my sense of reality, but I have to believe it was all real. If it wasn't real, Destiny wouldn't have been there to save me. I refuse she didn't come to save me. 

"Destiny," I call out but nobody responds "Where are you," I ask again.

My feet drag across the cold dew mixed with ash that stains my bare feet in a dark mud. Vampires, she was here. She killed them, did she kill them all? I don't know. The large mansion looks to be burnt out in parts, crumbled in other and bodies are strewn across the grounds. Did Destiny do all of this? Did she have help? If she went through all this for me, she wouldn't just leave me behind if she did all this. 

I drop to a knee in pain. A combination of my stomach and chest, two separate but equal pains. I'm able to tell exactly when one starts and the other ends. This brings back memories of being beaten by that werewolf and doing a jail break right after. I miss that, this is worse in every way. My head begins to swim, I almost vomit as I stand, an intense sense of vertigo washes over me. I fall to my knees, heartbeat pounding in my ears. I expect to dry heave, instead blood spews from my mouth. 

I place a hand in the blood, and feel it. I'm not disgusted by it. Just intrigued. How much blood had a drunk lately? They forced me to drink it by the gallon. I have a memory of Destiny cutting her wrist and forcing me to drink. I've been covered in dried blood for days on end now and yet I'm intrigued by the blood I vomit from my own mouth.

I crawl a little further, pulling myself along the grass until I find a car to pull myself up. A dead body rests in the driver seat, keys still in his hand. I struggle to pull the body from the car. The weight isn't the problem, it's just that every move and sound echoes in my head long after the motions are complete. I turn the key and the engine turns over. I instantly turn it off as the sound begins to decimate my thoughts. 

I dig through the glove box and center console until I'm able to find a pair of sunglasses. The relief isn't much but the sun doesn't hurt my eyes, now they're just dry. Back outside the car I rip some pieces of the former driver's shirt and place them in my ears to muffle the sounds. This time the car assaults my senses again, but it isn't anything I can't handle. I'll get out of here for now. Destiny wouldn't die here. I'll find her, but first I really need to eat.


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