Chapter 88 - M.

Chapter 88 - M.


I couldn’t sleep last night. I was too worried about Destiny, but too afraid to go see what happened. I usually don’t go to sleep on Friday nights because I’m up playing video games, but this was different. It was fear keeping me awake, what if they followed me? I could be next, Elias is sleeping on the other side of the apartment, he could be next. I’ve gotten pretty good with the Hachoir de guerre, not enough to be an expert, but good enough. I clutched them with fear all night, practicing around my bedroom. Hoping someone would intrude and give me a reason to test my abilities.  

Then she just pulls up outside and tells me come get breakfast with her. I watch as she just devours three breakfast burritos, as I struggle to finish mine. When I asked what happened, she just says they couldn’t attack her due to some stupid rule. The whole afternoon seemed like a blur as we wandered through the mall like old people. I keep trying to covertly check her for scars but I can’t see any. Maybe she didn’t have to fight because she’s in a great mood. 

“Alright, so this is where we’re meeting The Wererats,” she stops in front of an empty store. 

“I’m sorry, I spaced on all of that. Did you say Wererats?” 

“Yeah, like Werewolves, but big rats.” 


“Did you think Werewolves were the only Lycans?” 


“Well, there’s wolves, bears, rats, boars, lions, tigers, so many more around the world. If a culture finds strength in an animal, there’s probably a Lycan associated with the area. Why do you think California has a bear on the flag?” 

“I... but rats?” 


“Why rats?” 

“Because thieves like rats, they’re sneaky,” she shrugs as if this is common knowledge. 

“So we’re meeting wererats?” 

“No, THE Wererats,” she emphasizes her words. 

“At an empty store in the deserted part of the mall?” 

“It’s not empty if you have a key.” 

She turns the lock and the door opens. We step into the empty store, judging by the space, it was probably a shoe store at some point. We make our way to a door separating the small display area from the back room. Behind the door there seems to be some kind of lounge set up in a much larger space. I’m entirely confused as there seems to be close to thirty people just hanging around. A few watching TV, others drinking, some just reading to themselves. I’d probably be more surprised if I hadn’t spent the last few months with Destiny visiting secret magic places with Destiny. Libraries, theaters, blood banks, grocery stores, even websites and TV Channels.  

“So are you telling me, all these people are wererats,” I ask Destiny, surprised by the number. 

“No, these are The Wererats. But there’s only one wererat in this group.” 

“You realize how confusing that sounds right?” 

“Well if it’ll help you remember, I’m the only one who transforms,” a chubby orangish goblin in flamboyant colors injects himself in the conversation. 

“What,” I ask, these last 24 hours have been hard on me. 

“I’m Kenneth B. Cooper, wererat and leader of The Wererats,” he extends his hand. 

“Aren’t you all thieves? Why are you wearing such bright colors,” I shake his hand and he grips mine tightly. 

“I’m off today,” he laughs in my face as if he just said something funny. 

“Long time no see,” Destiny hugs Kenneth. 

“I am just so confused,” I inadvertently whisper to myself. 

“Got you one that’s wet behind the ears,” Kenneth laughs hard in our faces. 

“He’s a fast learner,” she smiles. 

“Thanks, you,” I decide to retreat from the conversation. My confusion ads nothing. 

“What brings you back around? Haven’t seen you in years,” Kenneth smiles. 

“Need to get back in the game, for one last job,” Destiny pulls out her phone. 

“Well, let me take a look,” Kenneth glances at the photo of the chalice. “Now that is a risky job you got planned.” 

“You’ll get your cut,” Destiny smiles coyly. 

“You plan to sell it?” 

“Of course, what do I need it for?” 

“You vamps are a crazy bunch,” Kenneth gives another hearty laugh. 

“You lycans ain’t so different,” she joins in with him.  

I laugh so as not to be left out, and they stop, “so what’s the plan,” I make myself useful. 

“Well, first thing is first. You can’t do a job without being friends. Destiny is an old friend. We don’t know you. So we drink, and fuck until we’re friends. Then we plan,” Kenneth doesn’t laugh. 

“I don’t fuck,” the words leave my mouth. 

“You don’t have to fuck me. I’ll watch you two fuck,” Kenneth lets out another boisterous laugh. 

“You always offer drinking and fucking, and nobody ever takes you up on the fucking,” Destiny laughs at him. 

“Well in that case,” Kenneth takes a deep breath, “we drink,” he yells out to everyone in the lounge before limping off towards the bar. 

“What is this place,” I immediately ask Destiny. 

“A thieves’ guild,” she responds. 

“There are still guilds,” like a video game? 

“Yeah, a little smaller but they still exit. Shadow Syndicate is essentially one big guild, but there’s alternatives.” 

It doesn’t take Kenneth long to return with big oval shaped glasses, some gold liquid that doesn’t seem to bubble fills each one. I take a deep breath, expecting tequila, I hate tequila. Instead, I’m met with a sweet drink, almost like milk chocolate. 

“What is this,” I ask feeling intoxicated almost immediately. 

“Special brew we stole the formula from a giant when I was a youngster. I’ll share it with you if the job goes well,” Kenneth smiles and raises his glass. 

Destiny follows his lead and I do the same. It isn’t long before every glass in the place is raised and we’re all waiting on Kenneth to say something.  

“Tonight we drink, for in the morning we plan and, soon we’ll take everything we want and more.” Kenneth drinks and The Wererats cheer. 


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