3.57 – M. Nielson

3.57 – M. Nielson

[Present Day]

Nielson, my last name is Nielson. Chloe and Erik, her twisted hell hound. I want them dead, more than I’ve wanted anything since waking up. More than I wanted blood, more than I wanted answers and more than I want this teenager to leave me the hell alone.

“So, you got a place to stay,” Jabari asks.


“You can stay with me.”

“No thank you.”

“My parents won’t mind.”

“Your parents won’t mind a grown man having a sleepover with their teenage son? That honestly sounds like neglect.”

“I’m eighteen, technically an adult.”

“And judging by the textbooks in your car, still a high school student, a child.”

“That’s a narrow way of looking at it. I’ll be starting my last year in Fall”

“What do you want from me? Just, go away. I need to think.”

“You don’t need to yell, I’m just trying to help,” I hadn’t realized I yelled.

“If you want to help, leave me alone,” but I am serious about being left alone.

I keep walking without any idea of where I’m going, I’m just walking until I calm down. Unfortunately, I can’t calm down with this kid following me. I need to find my family. Charlene Nielson, Elias Nielson, D’Andre Nielson, those are my siblings. If I can find them, I’ll be okay they’ll tell me what happened to me. I just need a moment to think.

“If you have destination, it’ll be easier if we drive,” Jabari offers input.

“Go away, I gave you what you wanted. I got what I wanted. There isn’t any reason for us to stick together.”

“We can help each other.”

“Do you know how I got to Detroit?”


“Do you know where my girlfriend is?”


“My sisters? My brothers?”


“Are you Isaac or Sampson,” the names come out easy but I can’t remember either person.


“Then realize you can’t do anything for me but give me space, and I can’t do anything for you. This is when we go our separate ways, forever.”

“You’re a vampire, right?”

“I told you, I’m just a wizard.”

“No, I’ve studied vampires enough to know one when I see one. You were in that blood bank drinking. You wiped the blood from your face, but your teeth, they still had the red stains. When we went into the store your pupils contracted because there was more light. You accidentally ripped a hole in a pair of denim jeans, not with strength, but with your claws.”

“Fine, I’m a vampire, what do you want from me?”

“I want you to turn me.”

“Why would you want that?”

“I want to be stronger,” he says as if it were obvious.

“There are other ways to be strong. Keep going with the magic and technology thing.”

“That won’t help me.”

“Turning you also won’t help me get my memory back.”

He keeps going on and on about how cool being a vampire would be but I’m not paying attention. I’ve got a headache and some new fragments of my memory to digest. I just need him to get away from me and he doesn’t understand that no means no.

“You don’t have to turn me tonight. I’d be willing to start as a thrall. That’s what vampires do right,” he asks.

I display my fangs in dramatic fashion, his heart beats louder as if knows what’s coming. I smell the fear on him, sweat glands going crazy, adrenaline flowing but I can tell he’s determined. There’s also arousal, for some reason this is turning him on and that’s creeping me out. He wants to be bitten, so I’ll give him what he wants. I grip his neck tighter and instinctively move closer. I use a claw to draw few drops of blood from his throat and he flinches before easing back into my control. A trick Destiny showed me, I concentrate all of my rage on him and he whimpers as my fangs inch closer to his neck. The determination he had earlier is gone.

I slam him to the ground with just my hand on his throat, not enough to seriously hurt him, but enough to make him back off. I put my foot on his chest and make sure he can’t move, being the bully doesn’t feel as good as I always imagined.

“You’re a pervert who just wants to be bitten. That’s not how it works for every vampire, so you didn’t do your research. You’re a fang chaser. Stay away from me. I’m not going to turn you, but I might kill you,” I follow up with a kick to the ribs, just enough to bruise the ribs not break them.

That isn’t something I enjoyed doing, but he’s not following me, or getting up. I can hear him crying softly back there and it sucks. I really wasn’t made out to be a bully because I’m going to think about that a lot whenever I’m finally able to sleep. Right now, I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere, remembering who I was, what happened in my life. For now, I need to keep trying to trigger memories. To do that, I need to go back to where it all started.

Maybe I should have just run away from that kid, I could have moved way faster than him, and my stamina is near endless when I’m just running. I didn’t have to beat that kid up. I guess I picked up some of Destiny’s bad habits. I’d go apologize but he might take that as an invitation to keep hanging around. No, things were better this way.

I spread the maps I printed out on a bench and plot my way back to where I woke up. It should be quiet now and I can dig through the rubble without any distractions, or tagalongs. I don’t have high hopes, but blood can only do so much to trigger my memories, and as far as I know that’s the only place in Detroit that I have any connection with.


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