I’m surprised The Pacers pulled out the win tonight. Derrick Rose has been putting up way better number than Danny Granger and a few other players combined. Statistically, The Bulls should have won in a blowout. Perhaps things would have been different if they adjusted their rotations. Destiny swears the game is about luck just as much as skill, but I don’t see it. Statistics can lead to more wins than just going with whoever has the hot hand at the time. Destiny seems like she’s in a hurry to get out of here before everyone else. The final buzzer hasn’t actually rung yet before she’s leading me out.

“What’s the hurry?”

“They followed us.”

“Where are we going?”

“The Catacombs.”

“The what?”

“You didn’t read your tour book,” Destiny pulls me right on Market Street.

“Shouldn’t we have taken the car.”

“Would have got caught in traffic.”

“Then why go to catacombs?”

“Because we can fight there.”

“Around the dead bodies?”

“There are no dead bodies, read your tour book next time. It’s basically a burned down building.”

Destiny breaks through a locked gate and drags me down some stairs into some massive tunnels. There’s nothing to light the way but my eyes don’t even need to adjust, I can see just fine down here. I can tell that the whole place is pitch black, but I’m not bothered at all. I can hear footsteps following us. Destiny was right, we’re being followed.

“Split up.”


“Go different directions, split their group. Kill something meet back up top.”

“That’s a terrible plan.”

“You’ll be fine. Go that way and kill something,” she takes off down a different corridor.

This isn’t the way I would have chosen to them off their trail. It certainly isn’t the best way to spend what could be considered our honeymoon. Running from footsteps, getting lost in catacombs. It’s been a wild few weeks. Held hostage, murdered, revived as a vampire, getting married, and now there’s a group of vampires planning to murder me. I hear the footsteps getting closer, but it seems like most have followed Destiny.

I duck behind a column in what seems like an old lobby and try to hide as the footsteps get closer. It suddenly dawns on me that if I’m having no issues seeing in the dark, they aren’t either. Nightmares materialize in my hands and I prepare for the fight that’s inevitable now. I’ve got two people in my little room, it doesn’t seem like anyone else cam here. They call out, to me and I just step out, there’s no putting this off now.

“Any chance we can work this out,” I ask.

“Nope,” one answers.

They rush at me, claws out. I’m suddenly wondering why I don’t have claws, or Destiny. I guess that’s a difference between vampire types. I thought Vampires were these expert fighters and as they rush me, I’m realizing that’s not true. They were just too fast for me to keep up with before, I had always caught them standing still. Trying to keep up was near impossible. I can tell they aren’t moving slower than other vampires, but I can see them, easily. Vampires aren’t just naturally great fighters, they’re just fast. These two are terrible. Their claw swipes are wide, almost like they’re just expecting me to panic and move into them.

This is a real confidence booster, I thought I was a terrible fighter, and I was just outclassed. It’s like I was Krillin from Dragon Ball Z, he didn’t have any reason to be fighting aliens, androids or demons. He still tried and got beat up every time, but when it comes to humans, nobody could beat him. Being excited about being Krillin, or even Yamcha isn’t a reason to be excited. One of the vampires grips his neck and stumbles backwards before falling as I slash across his neck. The other turns to look and I stab at her heart. She digs her claws into my arm preventing me from reaching the heart, but it’s too late. I expect her to crumble, but instead she starts to turn into ash. I guess that’s what Destiny meant by vampires all dying different. I wonder if the ones who turn to dust are stronger or weaker. Is there a strength scale for vampires?

Finding a way out is harder than the fight. I can hear footsteps, but they echo, so I can never figure out which direction they’re coming from. This whole thing is a maze and I wasn’t exactly moving slowly earlier. I manage to find some arrows that line the tour path and backtrack my way outside where Destiny is already waiting.

“What took you so long?”

“Oh, you know, had to keep the, I don’t have a joke for this.”

“You? Speechless? Where’s the man I married?”


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