Chapter 40 - Jason

Chapter 40 - Jason

“The fact that magic can set up a whole little bubble world in broad daylight is so cool. You could have a whole city, hidden to normal people, this is so wild,” Kaiden is amazed by their small little hiding hole.

“If we sneak around back, we can sneak right into the room where they keep all the valuables,” Terra says.

“I’ve got a better idea,” they won’t like it, but I need a fight. More fights, get back in shape.

I start making my way to the gate surrounding the tiny wooden fort that looks more like a treehouse with two log cabins at the bottom. Fort is way too big of a word to describe what is going on here. They’re giving these people too much credit. Maybe because they’re young and haven’t seen much, but to me this is laughable. They can’t have that many people inside and from what I’ve been told it’s just a bunch of angsty teenagers who want to live in a version of the past that never was.

I walk up to the big wooden wall and start to kick. It isn’t long until two Wood Elves with bows pop their heads out from above. I’m not sure if they’re shocked that someone is here or that someone is kicking on the door. Either way they’re frozen; they don’t know if they should shoot at me or call for help.

“Open the gate, I want to talk to who’s in charge,” I make the choice easy for them.

“Go away,” one says not so sure of himself.

“Open the gate, or going to break it down.”

They disappear back inside. I hear some muffled yelling a little banging. Kaiden and Terra join me waiting outside the gate. Soon it opens up. A few plots of vegetables that aren’t growing well. The two roughly assembled log cabins. A massive treehouse that looks as if it would have been majestic if the blueprints were followed by actual carpenters. Looking around it’s clear to me that they had some incredible plan here. Unfortunately, they just didn’t have the skill needed for a reasonable follow through.

“Who do you think you are, coming into my kingdom,” a slighter larger than average Wood Elf approaches me. Crooked crown and tattered cape. Is he playing king?

“I do.”

“Well what do you want?”

“I want you to give back everything you stole,” a simple request.

“I’ll do no such thing,” he laughs. The others join in.

“Okay, I want you to return everything you stole. Then I want you to apologize to these two.”

“Oh, you mean the thieving wicked wench and the fetal Earth hugger,” more laughter.

“Yeah, them,” I point to Kaiden and Terra.

“And what if I don’t,” he steps closer.

“Well, I’ll just have to make you,” I flick the crown off his head. For some reason he’s shocked.

“How dare you,” he reaches up and slaps me. Did I just get slapped by a teenager?

“New, plan,” I take his arm and wrench it behind his back before tossing him into the dirt and placing my boot on the back of his head. “Will you shut the fuck up,” I ask him. “Now, for the rest of you, if you want a fight. You’ve got one. Unless you bring out everything you stole.”

“That wasn’t the plan,” Terra yells at me.

“Is this a good idea? There’s a lot of them,” Kaiden asks.

“It was always my plan,” I snatch an arrow out of the air. No real power behind it. Big children playing make believe.

Eventually they go all out on an attack. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Not the same thrill as facing down Orcs, vampires or werewolves. Still, just enough adrenaline rush. I could wipe all these kids up by myself. I want to keep it competitive so I let them land a few blows every now and then. Tera is holding the archers at bay, she’s good with the magic spells. Kaiden isn’t doing great. Really need to teach that kid how to fight. But, he’s got determination. He doesn’t stay down and eventually he just tires them out to the point he can beat one. It’s funny and inspiring at the same time. I guess taking a beating is part of learning. When I feel like they’ve had enough practice I start taking out the kids one by one to wrap this up.

A massive explosion shakes the ground and grabs everyone’s attention. The fighting comes to an immediate halt. Someone has upped the ante from petty squabble to a fight to the death. I turn around to see the massive treehouse now burning with other pieces dropping to the ground. Who the hell could do this. I turn to see Kaiden holding out his right arm, aiming at the treehouse. Of course, he did it, he did the same thing to the Orcs. I don’t have time to ponder on it. I guess their little pocket world wasn’t strong enough to hide the sound of explosions.

“Kaiden, please stop trying to use magic for now. Get your books. We need to get the fuck out of here. Yesterday.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that,” he rushes off with Terra to the cabin that holds all the loot. Nobody tries to stop them.

“Sorry everyone, this got a little out of hand,” I feel like I should say something. “Go home to your parents,” I add. That was stupid, I’m really glad nobody is listening to me.


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