3.106 – Congress of The Republic

3.106 – Congress of The Republic

“We need to leave, Isaac and I found proof that they’ve been involved with human trafficking,” I lay out my case to the people gathered.

Originally, I wanted to meet with just the new vampires. But Isaac invited Sampson and the girls invited Isis. It’s a different feeling than I wanted. I should have canceled the meeting when I saw Sampson and Isis walk in. I wanted to talk to Isis because of what I read in Destiny’s diary, but I didn’t want to do it like this. I wanted to have a moment with her where it was just us. I didn’t think Sampson would want anything to do with my plan, but Isaac seems to think it’s a good way to burry the hatchet. I’m not interested in burying any hatchets, unless I burry it in his back.

“What proof do you have that Granny would ever be involved in something as disgraceful and barbaric as human trafficking,” Isis asks offended I would mention it.

“There’s a cabin in the woods, about a mile away from the edge of the property. It’s full of proof that they held people there for transporting,” I respond.

“Granny was a slave, she would never enslave others,” Isis on the verge of tears.

I have to respond with grace, she’s probably one sentence away from telling Granny what’s happening right now.

“We’re not saying it was Granny,” Isaac speaks up first. “But all the evidence is there, someone is doing it.”

“He’s right, the reason we’re here is because I know it isn’t any of us,” I try to save.

“So you want us to take over the plantation,” Catalina asks.

“No, I want us to leave,” I respond.

“If they really are trafficking people, what about stopping them,” Ashley asks.

“We can do that too, it’s part of my plan.”

“You’re insane. You want us to go kill Granny and Ben, what about James and Michael? You want us to give them a dirt nap too,” Sampson asks.

“If we have to,” I pause thinking about my next words. “If we have to fight, we will but our main goal is destroying the cabin where people are kept and escape.”

I fully intend to kill Granny, Ben, Michael, James and anyone else who gets in my way. Even if my plan doesn’t have a direct confrontation I know they’re the type that would never let us leave without a fight. Having Sampson on my side would be good, but I’m prepared to fight him now. A real fight, with prep time. I just need to find some gold around here. For all the valuables, they sure don’t have much gold. Plenty of silver and gems, but no gold. That leads me to believe Granny and Old Ben have read The Book of Adze that’s now in my possession.

“I can not take part in this, this…this betrayal,” Isis is standing and almost screaming now. “After Granny took you all in, you would betray her like this? Isaac, you were a drug addled burnout seeking revenge at the cost of your own life. Now look at you, standing proud, no longer partaking in the devil’s vices. Ashley, you were obsessed with gaining money so that you could lift your family out of poverty. Turning your back on Granny now is not the way to do it. Catalina, have you not been cradled in Death’s arms since birth? Now you are free to spend eternity walking this Earth if you please. And Sampson, I’m surprised you would pay lip service to this. You were destined to die or spend the rest of your life in prison before she delivered you.”

“What about you? We don’t know anything about you,” I stop her tirade. “I know you betrayed Destiny and sold her out. But what did Granny rescue you from, that made you so loyal?”

“Don’t question my loyalty!”

“Or did she show you something. Did you see the cabin? Did you see the people?”

Isis smacks me, I can tell she put some force behind it. The slap stings, but I don’t show it. If I show it I’ll lose the respect of those here. It’s a mental game, I need to make them think I’m a good leader. I didn’t want Sampson here, but I know he won’t open his mouth. Isis storms out and I’m sure Isis is on her way to tell Granny about this little meeting right now.

“Anyone else have any objections,” I ask with a smile.

“You don’t have a plan, I’m out,” Sampson says following Isis.

“Well, you know I’m in,” Isaac says.

“I need to think about this,” Ashley says before leaving.

“Granny has done so much for me, and you haven’t. I can’t do this to her,” Catalina says.

“We’re not killing her,” Isaac pleads, trying to hold onto her hand as she walks away.

“So, it’s just us, what are we going to do,” Isaac asks.

“Just pack, I get the feeling we’re going to be leaving in a hurry.”

I head out of the library to meet with Granny and Ben. I know Isis is probably telling them that I’m making plans already. I’m cut off by Michael less than ten feet from the library. He doesn’t speak much about anything but cars so I’m not sure why he looks so determined now.

“I always leave the keys in the red Oldsmobile,” Michael says to me.

“Thank you,” I ponder on his sentence.

“I’m not coming with you, but I won’t stop you either,” Michael walks off in the opposite direction.


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