“Are you sure your brother won’t mind that we took his car.”

“I left a note, and I left him my car.”

“But people can get sentimental about their things.”

“His car is a piece of crap.”

“But it’s his piece of crap.”

I halfway consider it. I didn’t ask Elijah if we could take his car. I just assumed he’d be happier with mine. I probably should have left more than a letter saying we were going to be gone for a while. I was really inconsiderate to him throughout the whole situation. My thoughts are interrupted when Destiny bursts into laughter. For most people the constant teasing would be a turn off, but she knows when to stop, and I love it. That makes this whole thing easier to do in my mind.

Downtown Indianapolis, isn’t much different than Downtown Chicago. It isn’t as decorative, there are no waterfront views, no L, less buskers and it’s nothing like Chicago. I mean the architecture is somewhat similar. I can’t believe I’ve actually never been here. Destiny said we should go to Louisianna where we can link up with her so called family that exiled her. I said I’d give it a shot if we got to turn it into a real road trip. She’s been all over the country, but I haven’t been many places outside of Illinois. Indianapolis is three maybe four hours away, and I’d never been. It probably isn’t the most romantic city in the world, or even United States, but it’ll do for what I have planned.  

“Hey, you sure you want to do this,” Destiny turns down the music to ask.

“Do what,” is she on to me?

“Leave your family behind. They’re great people. I don’t want you leaving them behind just for me.”

“I’m not leaving them behind. I can still call them, write letters, emails, texts and even visit.”

“But you’re not going to be with them, you were all so close. I don’t want to break that up.”

“Didn’t you say Adze mate for life?”

“Yeah, but I also told you got kicked out for sleeping with a guy.”

“Okay, good point.”

“They’re not after you. You can live a normal life.”

“I’m a vampire now.”

“A mostly normal life, with your family.”

“Destiny, you are my family and even if you ran, they’d still come after me looking for you. We might as well run together.”

“No, they’re your family. I’m just your girlfriend. You can find a new one.”

“I’m too nerdy and awkward, it might be hard. You’ve already made the mistake of taking me in.”

“I just don’t know if this is the right call.”

I don’t answer her, I’m too focused on trying to fit Elias’ car into a tight parking spot. She’s telling me how all this is a bad idea and I’m not really worried about it. I’ve made up my mind to go through with this already. She’s called the shots so far in our relationship, with this one I’m taking the lead. Then I’ll happily defer to her again. I hop out of the car while she’s still talking and open her door on the other side. If I don’t move fast, I might get scared and not go through with it.  My heart is sinking into my chest and the words won’t come out.

“Where are we? What are you trying to say,” she puts her hand on my shoulder?

“Do you want to get married? Mate for life,” I drop to one knee, got the order wrong.


“I forgot to get an engagement ring, but do you want to get married?”

“What the fuck?”

“I know it’s sudden but we’ve been on a speed run,” I point to the pink and yellow sign behind me.

“Two hour weddings,” she reads the sign out loud. “What the fuck,” she keeps repeating.

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes motherfucker,” she grabs me on the verge of tears.

They weren’t joking when they said two hour weddings. I didn’t have a tuxedo and she didn’t have wedding dress but we did take pictures on Monument Circle that came out pretty nice. I think this is actually the first time we’ve taken a photo together. The photographer seemed to think it was funny, she’s naturally beautiful and I’m just a goofball, but it works. There was no Elvis Presley minister, just an older gentleman in a tuxedo with shorts to run through the ceremony. The moment came for us to say the vows we had ten minutes to write and we couldn’t decide who would go first, so we flipped a coin. I got to go first.

“I never really thought I’d fall in love. It just never happened, no high school sweethearts, no college whirlwind romance. I just thought I’d live an okay life, and die alone. No kids, no wife, maybe a dog. More than a few nieces and nephews. You’ve seen how Elias moves,” she just smirks. “But then you came along and caught my eye. At first it was just your looks. Everyone already knows you’re out of my league,” I shrug as the witnesses laugh. “Still, every time we’d get closer, I’d learn more and more about you. You’re so much more than just a pretty face. Elias once told me you were God’s gift to me, a reward for how I’ve lived. He was high, you know how he is,” she buries her face in her palm to avoid laughing. “I still don’t know if there is a divine plan, but I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we act; that we do what’s right when confronted with evil, or love. What you did was save me, not just metaphorically, but literally and any other way possible. It was you that made me realize how amazing the world could truly be. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you learning more.”

“First and foremost, fuck you for making me do this bluebird,” a few gasps as she begins. “Sorry, I’m just really caught up in the emotions of all this. Look, you know my story. I haven’t had any luck in love. But, if I’m going to have some, I’ll put it behind for you. Nobody has ever loved me as hard or as gentle as you. Nobody has ever loved me after I screwed things up or loved me without asking for anything in return but you just keep on loving me and I love your stupid nerdy comments that I don’t get, the way you communicate with computers better than people, the way you’re always so stupidly optimistic. I hate you so much for making me love you."

The rings I bought both have black bands with blue stones. Hers with tiny stones circling the entire band, mine with two stones on opposite sides and a blue ring linking them. They’re both men's rings, but I know her style, and career. She wouldn’t want something with a big stone that could get knocked off. Then again, I think you’re supposed to have three rings, an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and then a band for daily wear I messed up. It doesn’t matter because I get to spend my life with her now.


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