“The moon is falling,” I yell out.

“Shut up,” James calls from a window down below.

“The moon isn’t falling, you’re just drunk,” Isaac laughs.

“Yeah, good point.”

The family celebrated after passing the first task. We slept, and when we woke up, there was a cookout, and drinking. There was more drinking than ever before. More drinking than all of the drinking before. I didn’t have much choice, and when I thought I was done, they gave me more. Then Isaac dragged me onto the roof because the moon. Is he a werewolf? He better not turn into a werewolf. I’ve got a whole lot of PTSD.

“Hey, are you a werewolf?”


“You wanted to see the moon. You’re not going to turn into a wolf right?”

“Boy, you are drunk. Like drunk, drunk.”

“Yeah, and I don’t like werewolves.”

“Okay, well there aren’t any around here so you got nothing to worry about.”

“Better not be.”

“I like you, you remind me of Keon. You’re funny, and a little weird but you’re a good guy.”

“Who is Keon?”

“My boyfriend,” Isaac draws a heart in the air with his finger.

“I don’t envy him.”

“That’s good, because he’s dead.”

“Oh, my bad. Sorry about that.”

“It’s not like you knew.”

I was hoping we could enjoy the silence, but his sighs tell me he wants to talk about it. I was hoping he didn’t want to talk about it. Feelings are not my strength, especially when I’m sweating through my clothes in this heat. Maybe it’s the liquor that has me sweating, or the heat. I’m Midwest to the heart, bring the snow. Wait, what was going on? Oh.

“Do you want to talk about,” I ask not looking at Isaac.

“Not really,” he wants to be coaxed.

“Might make you feel better.”

“I guess.”

“So, tell me about Keon.”

“Well, he preferred Key, about 5’11 looked like Gee Money from New Jack city if he spent a little more time in the oven. Incredible abs, and he had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. Then to top it all off he was a caring lover with the most perfect di-,” I cut Isaac off.

“Man, I thought this was going to be a story about your long-lost love, not a preview of the new Zane novel.”

“It’s just two people having sex.”

“Let’s trade sex stories another time,” or not. I’m okay if we don’t.

“Fine, but I’ve got some good ones.” 

“I’m sure you do.”

“Anyway, Key was great, but here’s the thing. He came from a family of magicians, wizards, warlocks, witches, all that magic stuff. He showed me a whole new world. I loved him for that. His family made money enchanting weapons for folks. Well, one day he did some side work that paid well. A Werewolf had his little cult killed and wanted revenge. Killed the hunter, and the guy who sold him the weapon. Any guess who sold him the weapon?”

“Key sold him the weapon.”

“Yeah, do you know why?”

“You told him to?”

“I fucking told him to,” Isaac yells. “I wanted him to get his own shop and out from under his father’s control. I wanted us to live a happy life where we didn’t have to hide, and it got him killed.”

“Shut up,” James call from his window.

“Eat a dick,” Isaac calls back to him.

“Chill out,” I take Isaac’s hand. “You don’t want to fall off the roof.”

“I could care less,” he snatches his from me. “I killed the love of my life. I didn’t carve open his chest and rip out his heart, but I did it. I killed him and I couldn’t even show my face at the funeral. I don’t care if I fall off the roof,” Isaac stands off balance on the roof.

“You really need to calm down.”

“You think I want to be a vampire for my health? No, I want revenge. I know you want it. The way you cry about Destiny in your sleep every night.”

“Don’t bring Destiny into this.” 

“Revenge is all we’ve got left. We got the people we love killed, there’s nothing left but revenge. You want it as bad as I do. We can kill them all together. For Key, for Destiny.”

“Stop saying her name.”

“Stop acting scared. I’m going to do whatever I have to turn, and I’m going to get revenge. We can help each other.”

“I’m going in,” I stand.

“Do it for Destiny.”

“I told you stop saying her name.”

“But her name is Destiny, that’s what we should be chasing because their destinies were more than dying.”

I realize Isaac is falling off the roof before I realize I’m the one that pushed him. I didn’t know I had that kind of temper in me. Maybe it was the drink, maybe it was how he kept mentioning Destiny. Linking her name to nothing but a quest for revenge. That’s what I had been doing, but I don’t like when someone else does it. I run full speed and reach the ground before he does. I manage to catch him but fall in the process. He’s lying on top of me and for the first time we really look each other in the eyes.

“I’m sorry,” his breath smells more like vomit than liquor. He puked and swallowed it.

“Me too, now get off me. You pissed yourself.”


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