Chapter 50 - Jason

Chapter 50 - Jason

I smash through the door knocking over a few Orcs tossing a few smoke bombs in each direction. I’ll leave them guessing as to which way we went. Hopefully that gives us enough time to escape. I rush through the halls as fast as I can carry Kaiden and myself. For a second, I feel lucky but I’ve never been lucky before in my life. It isn’t long before I round the corner and stare at the backs of a group of Orcs. I can run the other way, and hope to find an exit that way. Or I could go through them. I don’t get much of a choice when I realize Kaiden’s opened his eyes.

“No, don’t kill them,” he yells throwing the gun I had given him at towards the Orcs.

Fuck, I use my free arm to start firing. It probably isn’t best for him to watch me blow the heads off a bunch of Orcs so I shoot below the legs. A few of them would be great tap dancers. But I get them all eventually. I grab the gun and step over their bodies as they tend to their wounds. I don’t even take the time to yell at Kaiden, no matter how much I want to. The situation is too grim for that. Instead I keep pushing. More patrols. This time meeting at an intersection. I remove Kaiden from my shoulders and take his hand.

“Whatever you do, don’t let go of my hand,” I tell him.

“But you shot those guys,” he says, more tears forming in his eyes.

“Yeah, but I didn’t kill them. I’m just trying to get us home. Close your eyes. It’ll be better that way.”

He closes his eyes and I toss a few more smoke bombs into the crowd of Orcs. They see me just before their vision is clouded. I rush towards them and throw a few punches. I take a few as well, but now they’re in a frenzy throwing punches at each other. I let out some threats. Just to rile them up and drop a few more smoke bombs to keep them busy for a while as I pull out of the scrap, grateful that Kaiden didn’t scream out during this.

We keep rushing and I see the door. Unfortunately, I see a face that I remember all too well. The giant Orc I fought all the way back when this started, Gnoth. It looks like he has some new scars, courtesy of Kaiden dropping a building on him, and me trying to stab his eyes out, but he’s still just as big and mean. His eyes are glowing, or what used to be eyes, seems like they’re trying out some new magic to keep him around. I don’t have any smoke pellets left, so I guess I have to fight him again.

“Kaiden, I’m going to fight him. When I start, you run outside and hide. I’ll be out there soon,” I let go of his hand.

“You’re not going to die are you,” he takes my hand back.

“Nope, just make sure you’re safe. I’ll come look for you. Can you do that for me?”

“Yeah,” he lets go of my hand and wipes some tears.

“We can go home right after this.”


The Gnoth continues to stare me down, so I rush it. Just need to get the party started. Finally he rushes towards me. I slide on my brass knuckle, pray my magic is strong and meet him with a clash of fists. My prayer must not have been strong enough. I feel my wrist snap the moment we make contact, but I grit my teeth and take it. Kaiden doesn’t budge so I dodge the next punch and signal for him to run. He finally takes off, but grabs the orcs attention. I really wish I had my knife right now, but I don’t. I’m going to need a dentist when this is done. I bite into the same achilles tendon of the Orc and try to bite through. Probably, no, the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted but I don’t let go until I hear the sound of Kaiden exiting that door.

Now I can do what I should have done the first time. I pull my guns from the holsters and begin to fire, shot after shot at his back with no regard to if he’s still breathing or not. Some shots break the flesh and others leave the bullets falling to the ground. When I stop to reload, he stands up, his back a bloody mess, turns to me and lets out a primal roar.

“I don’t give a fuck big fella,” I doubt he understands me but I start shooting again.

He rushes at me again. No warhammer this time. I simply step aside and let him toss himself to the ground. Whatever magic they’re using lets him see, but not well. It’s easy to dodge his punches and my wrist has nearly healed. This isn’t anything like our prior fight. I’ve knocked off my rust over the last few months, and I’m in better shape. He’s also handicapped by the injuries I gave him last time we met.

Other Orcs come behind him when hearing his primal screams. Sometimes, I wonder how fucked up I really am. Shouldn’t I be crying like Kaiden? Maybe the temple fucked me up more than I thought. Because I don’t feel anything when I open fire on all of the Orcs. Round after round, magazine after magazine. Doesn’t matter. I don’t give them a chance to retaliate. I don’t shoot at those who flee, but there’s no mercy for those that want to fight. Gnoth still remains standing, shielding the other Orcs when I’m done. I make my way over and easily push him to his back in the bodies. How many? Eight, nine, maybe ten. All filled with bullet wounds, some still living. I empty another clip into Gnoth. The least I can do is make sure he’s not brought back again.

Before I make my way out the door, I turn to look at my handy work. I am sick. Kaiden had a normal reaction. This is another Thursday for me. Part of it is probably my personality, and things I’ve gone through. But, part of it is temple training for sure. I guess I finally understand why Kaiden didn’t want to be there. This whole time I had been thinking about being back there, but never why that isn’t the best place for a kid to grow up.


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