Chapter 19 - Kaiden

Chapter 19 - Kaiden

I stopped by one of the cafeterias this morning. Almost nobody was in there. It was just me and a lot of older people. I got worried right away. Sure the weekends were a lot emptier but this was creepy empty. Not even Miss Dalia was around this weekend. I talked to a few people and got an answer.

All of the students and some of the teachers go on a trip every year. I didn’t get here soon enough for there to be a spot for me. They’re supposed to be going to see some ruins across the country. Elves used magic to make a recreation of what it used to look like before the whole place got wiped out by a volcano or something. I don’t know. I just know I wasn’t invited. I’m feeling like a black Harry Potter over here.

I probably wouldn’t have had fun there anyway. I haven’t made a single friend since I’ve spent all this time here. It’s like I’ve got some kind of sign floating over my head saying I’m bad luck. Nobody wants to be near me more than they have to. Miss Dalia has been really nice to me, but I hate this place. I’m a city kid and I need to get back to the city. But, they won’t let me leave unless they can find a guardian for me but they have to be family and that isn’t happening. I can leave at eighteen but considering they’re treating me like I’m thirteen that won’t be for five years. I’ll die if I’m forced to stay here until I’m eighteen years old.

I used to hate libraries. Now I spend my weekends here. Nobody is able to be a jerk to me here. Mostly because there’s not a lot of people in the library. Besides, fighting in a library is silly. I’ve been trying to read as much as I can about magic lately. I used to be able to do magic before I got held hostage. Now I can’t seem to get anything but a few useless sparks that disappear before they even hit the ground. At first, I thought they had some kind of cool spell that meant people couldn’t use magic here. Then I saw some people practicing magic in a park. One of them was using a wand, he looked stupid and another was yelling out his spells. He sounded stupid. Then again, I’m the only one who can’t use magic so I guess I’m the stupid one. But I’m reading to fix that.

Magic is thought of a simple but it is very diverse. Different styles, schools and There are three schools of magic.

Occult or Ceremonial: This kind of magic is the oldest. It is also the strongest. Despite that it is not often used because it requires rituals and or ceremonies. These require time and preparation that make it difficult for to prepare. Additionally, it often requires a living sacrifice.

Arcane Magic: This is the most common kind of magic and can be learned with intense study. It requires that individuals learn to hone the magical energy within each of us as well as the surrounding world. Some require words or items to channel their magic energies, but it is not necessary for everyone. The school of Arcane Magic has individual classes within it:
  • Conjuration – Allows a user to conjure items to their location including living or inanimate.
  • Illusionary – Allows a user to manipulate others with illusion.
  • Elemental – Allows users to channel the power of Earth, wind, fire and water.
  • Enhancement – This allows a user to enhance their physical attributes as well as healing.
Spiritual Magic: This magic is tied to an individual’s soul and mental state. The power depends on the emotional state and mental focus. Allegedly it is favored by individuals with strong souls, but that has not been proven. Many users of this type of magic have faded from existence. It was once favored by the now extinct race of Warlocks.

Transmutation: While this is not an active form of magic it is sometimes used as a fourth school of magic. The reason for this is because some of the practices make use of magic. It has two individual classes as well:

  • Alchemy – This is the process of creating pills and potions to have the desired effects, often magical.
  • Enchantment – This is the power to give magical properties to items including weapons.
I guess I need to be looking into enhancement magic. It has the ability to heal people. I might not be fully healed yet. If I can figure out how to heal myself I could use magic to get out of here. Then again transmutation might be the best option. It’s not really magic, but some of the potions they make can heal people. Maybe a librarian could tell me where I should turn.

“Excuse me, would you be able to tell me where I can find more books on enhancement magic,” I ask a passing a librarian.

“You’re a little too young for magic. Why not try something a little more fun,” she looks me over.

“I think I’m old enough.”

“When you’re sixteen I’m sure you’ll be able to learn more about magic than you ever want to know.”

“I am sixteen.”

“And I am Melvil Dewey,” she chuckles at her own joke and walks away.

Whatever, I just come back to this later. Why is everything around here age restricted. You need bot sixteen for that. Eighteen for that. It doesn’t make sense for me to wait to learn magic when I already know magic. This place sucks. There has to be somewhere other than here. Anywhere but here has to be better. It’s like I’m a prisoner but everyone is being nice to me. I hate it.

The sun is still up but I crawl into bed, cover up and hold my knees close to my chest. I want to leave, I don’t care where I go. I wish someone would just bust through that wall right now. I need technology. I need good food. I need crowds. Good music. The noise of the city. I need a friend.


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