3.108 – Old Man Strenf

3.108 – Old Man Strenf

 Old Ben hits me harder than I’ve ever been hit in my life, I go crashing through a wall onto the front lawn. I wasn’t expecting the escape to go down this soon. I thought I had at least another day to prepare. I guess when all the cards are on the table they don’t play around. My mind is racing, and I’m trying to think of a plan as he walks through the hole where a wall used to be. I just can’t seem to focus after getting hit so hard. He hits harder than any vampire or werewolf I ever went up against. I see why Sampson is so afraid of him.

“Can’t think straight? In all my years, there’s one thing that I’ve found true to be no matter what,” Old Ben is smiling as he approaches me. “Any time you go upside a man’s head, or a woman, then they have a tendency to get a little loopy.”

Loopy is right, but I can’t just stand here. I get to my feet and rush in. If I’m faster than him, I can beat the strength advantage he has over me. I land a few quick punches while dodging his. They don’t seem to be doing much other than making him laugh. A big open hand slap rocks me, not enough to send me flying again but enough to make me freeze. Old Ben laughs again before he sends me flying with another shot. I’m crouched over coughing, flecks of blood spot the grass beneath me. Alright, not playing fair anymore. I summon my blades to my hands and stand up.

“Do you want to know why I’m so strong,” Old Ben asks as he walks towards me.

“I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

“Magic, really that simple. Nothing you can do to keep me down for long.”

Trying to stab him doesn’t work. I just focus on dodging punches and slicing every chance I get. There’s no real method to the madness. Death by 1000 cuts, that’s what I’m hoping for but I doubt I’ll have the stamina to last that long. Old Ben smacks me down into the dirt again. Before I can stand I spot Sampson approaching, sucking in air. I don’t bother standing up, and choose to cover my head. Ben laughs thinking I’m cowering in fear.

The laughter stops as a stream of green fire slams into his back causing him to scream. His shirt burns away and flesh begins to burn. The cuts I had left melt into the rest of his flesh. I’m not free from the flames either. I roll away when the heat begins to burn my hands. Ben drops to the ground screaming, but far from dead or knocked down. This is the first time I’ve seen the results of Sampson’s flames up close. It isn’t pretty, there’s visible muscle and bone on Old Ben.

“Sorry, I think I got you a little,” Sampson takes my elbow and lifts me from the ground.

“Why did you help me?”

“Because you were right. I slept with Destiny, blamed her when we got caught and didn’t leave with her. I was scared. But if you, of all people, can run around with no fear, I can stand up to Ben. I’m not a kid anymore.”

“You backstabbing bastard! I knew you’d join him you damn coward,” Old Ben yells as he starts to head towards us.

“Isaac is on his way to get you,” Sampson says stepping in front of me.

“What about you,” I step forward standing beside him.

“Didn’t pack any of my stuff,” he smiles at his own joke.

“Are you making jokes?”

“Yeah, I just feel really good.”

Old Ben takes a swing at Sampson allowing me to stab at an open wound. The blade easily cuts at whatever piece of muscle beneath his right shoulder. Old Ben screams in pain allowing Sampson to land a combination of punches. We’ve got him on the ropes now. Even with all the damage he’s taken, Old Ben is still a monster. I tackle Sampson to the ground as a red car slams into Old Ben throwing him to the ground.

“What the hell are you doing,” I think Sampson is yelling at me but he’s yelling at the driver of the car.

“Thought I’d help you guys out,” Isaac smiles from the window. “Get in, we’re getting out of here.”

“You two go, I need to finish this,” Sampson says pushing me towards the car.

“How are you going to get out?”

“Same way I got in, my car.”

“Alright, I’ll see you on the outside.”

“Yeah,” Sampson yells at me as I get in the car but I don’t believe him.

Isaac speeds off, with the light of purple flames filling the car as we try to get out of here. I glance back at Sampson, he’s got Old Ben on the ropes. Still, I don’t think I’ll ever see him again.


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