About Exsanguinate

About Exsanguinate

Exsanguinate is an ongoing web serial that updates every Sunday. I started it as another way to improve on my writing skills. If you're interested in some of my other writing Phantasmagorical is my first full length novel. I also post short stories at 12AMFiciton.com and write less fictional things for BlerdsOnline.com.

The story is broken down into Sagas, which are made up of arcs, which are then made up of chapters. Each chapter is approximately 1000-1500 words but I've been known to be a little wordy on occasion so some chapters could stretch on longer.

As for the actual story, it follows a mercenary that deals with the supernatural. Most commonly vampires. He has recently been expelled from the monastery where he was taught for repeatedly disobeying orders. He must make his way on the outside through old connections and new friends. A dark and twisted fairy tail in the modern war. People live hard and die hard on occasion.

If you're looking for a trigger warning, this is it. Some of the language is very strong, the violence is described in detail. If that doesn't scare you, dive in.


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