About Exsanguinate

About Exsanguinate

Jason Zadok was raised in a monastery to hunt the supernatural, but a rebellious streak has brought him to his last chance. Despite all intentions to follow orders he can't ignore the screams of torture and breaks rank to save the life of Teenage boy and exiling himself in the process.

Jason is forced to find a new way of living in the city of Detroit, but there are still plenty of things that go bump in the night. Kaiden is trying to build the family he never had after being rescued by Jason. Then there's the mysterious vampire that can't seem to recall who he is, or how he arrived in Detroit.

Exsanguinate is an ongoing web serial that updates every Sunday. I started it as another way to improve on my writing skills. If you're interested in some of my other writing Phantasmagorical is my first full length novel. I also post short stories at 12AMFiciton.com and write less fictional things for BlerdsOnline.com.

The story is broken down into Sagas, which are made up of arcs, which are then made up of chapters. Each chapter is approximately 1000-1500 words but I've been known to be a little wordy on occasion so some chapters could stretch on longer.

If you're looking for a trigger warning, this is it. Some of the language is very strong, the violence is described in detail although it won't be every single chapter. There might be sex if it fits, but as of now, there isn't any. If that doesn't scare you, dive in.


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