Chapter 3.10 – Soul Sucking Succubus

Chapter 3.10 – Soul Sucking Succubus

Check in doesn’t go well, I was just so stuck on Jenny that I could barely get checked in. I couldn’t remember the fake name Destiny gave me. She was so busy laughing she couldn’t get out Carlton Banks. Her laugh is so cute, doesn’t do her evilness justice. But, I made it through and we got to the elevator with no problem. Jenny is really understanding through all this. She says people aren’t usually hit like this their first time.

That elevator ride is when I realize, she didn’t take whatever I took. I’ve been overcome with all these gushy feelings for Jenny and Destiny, that I didn’t realize I’ve been drugged. I knew I took drugs; just thought I wasn’t alone and whatever I took wasn’t this strong. A list of all the street drugs I know start running through my mind. I can’t think of a single one that would do this, maybe a combination but I’m not sure why someone would go through the process of getting designer drugs just to put someone down. There’s plenty of things you can already get for cheap and if what Destiny says is true, you can get magic potions and there’s plenty of spells as well.

Inside the hotel room Jenny doesn’t waste any time. She leads me to the bed and insists on more wine and offers more drugs but I decline. I don’t care what Destiny says, wait, I don’t think Destiny has said anything for a while now. Where did she go? Did she just leave me hanging? Did we lose our radio signal? Am I going to puke? No.

In classic mythology, a succubus or even incubus would have sex with their victims. Driving them mad in the process. Some said they would wipe a piece of the persons mind, steal years from their life or even drain their soul each time. Yet, the sex was so great that the victim would willingly repeat the act over and over again, until there was nothing left. It was said they’d lure people in with a combination of hallucinogens and depressants. Some said they even had the power to cast hallucinations themselves.  

Jenny wasted no time, soon she was standing before me, having shed most of her clothing. She stood there, posing, in nothing but her heels, panties and matching bra. She was even more beautiful than before. I knew it had to be whatever she drugged me with trying to control me. The feelings of dread and panic would rush over me, and quickly be washed away by lust.

“I’m not feeling well right now,” I lie down on the bed and look away from her.

“Then I’ll do all the work, you just follow my lead.”

“I just don’t want to,” I argue.

“You’re not making this easy for anyone,” she says moving closer and stroking my head.

“It’s my first time, I’d like it to be something I could remember or didn’t vomit during.”

“It’s not your first time, someone like you, no. You could do it with your eyes closed.”

“I really can’t. I’ve never had sex,” I dry heave again.

“Look, we can do it the hard way, but we’re going to have sex tonight,” she turns threatening.

“No,” I roll out of the bed and onto the floor away from her.

The slam against the ground wakes me up a little, enough that I have my senses again. It isn’t long before she’s on top of me. She rips through my shirt and blazer, almost as if with claws instead of fingers. She’s strong, I can’t push free from her. I throw a few punches and they seem to hurt my wrist more than anything. I’ve only been in fights with my brothers, and I usually lose or Elias broke us up. I probably couldn’t beat my sisters.  

She leans forward, as beautiful as ever but her mouth seems to hold several rows of teeth and a straw shaped tongue now. All surrounded by perfect ruby red lipstick still. Instinct gives me the right move. I jam my fingers into her eyes like the old Three Stooges episodes dad used to watch. I’m able to break free of her and make a run for the door, almost. The drugs don’t let me get far before I start to fall over. I’m caught by Jenny, now looking more monstrous than before, green slanted eyes with a brille, that’s what they call it on reptiles right? I don’t know but she easily tosses me back onto the bed. I try to fight but she rips my pants free in a single move.  

All the fighting and the drugs, have taken a toll on me, I can’t fight back as hard and all I’ve got left is torn boxer briefs and a few tattered pieces of shirt, it’s getting hard to breathe as she climbs up the bed. In that moment I see her naked body and what she really is. The body of a human woman, but scales and eyes like a reptile, teeth like a shark, she’s a monster. I try to scream out for help, but nothing comes out and I can only flail my hands uselessly. My body is frozen and I can no longer fight back, I just close my eyes and hope the drugs can take me out before whatever she does next.

In the final moments before losing my virginity and soul to a succubus, I can’t help but wonder where Destiny is. She said she would protect me, make sure nothing bad happened to me, and here I am moments away from losing it all. She used me for bait, and I fell for it because I thought she was cute and cool. I should have called it quits when she decided to dress me in some rich dude’s clothes. I try to swing my fist again using the rage, but nothing happens. I close my eyes again and try to think of a happy place I’d rather be.


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