Chapter 39 - Jason

Chapter 39 - Jason

The Orcs are still extorting business around here but they’ve packed up and moved to a different location. They didn’t have much choice, Kaiden shot a hole through their building. Nothing but dust and old crap left inside. I thought about bringing Kaiden a sword, but I don’t think Orcish swords were ever any good. Something about them always breaking, used more for smashing and hooking than cutting. Besides, he needs to learn how to use his fists first and figure out how to use magic without taking out a whole building. I had hoped going through this place would help me find out more about where they’re heading, but I got nothing. I’ll have to track down leads other ways.

For now, I’ll make my way back home. I’m supposed to head down to the basement. There’s supposed to be a drug lab. If it’s anything like the last drug lab, it’ll probably be more Dwarves down there making weapons. I’ve noticed the landlord has a habit of exaggerating things. Whatever, it works out better for me that way. Less work to do, and he thinks I did something amazing. Is this what city life is like? I could use a little more excitement.

Those Orcs beat the crap out of me, but I have to admit I loved every second of it. Not the beating or the pain. Just fighting against something, anything. I could actually see things happening every time I threw a punch or slammed an Orc. I don’t know what if it was adrenaline or I’m some kind of masochist. For the first time, I got that rush that I’ve been missing since I left the temple. I should look into some of the places that Dalia said I could find some more work. I’m a sick man, and I’m laughing at myself on the bus. I’ll just get off now and walk the extra two blocks. I don’t know why, but I’ve finally started feeling happy here in the city. The same way I did sneaking out here when I was younger.

I hear talking inside, Kaiden must be watching TV. I thought he was going to the park today. I open the door and nothing is what I expect. Kaiden is sitting on the couch, ripped shirt, black eye and dried blood around his lip. Next to him is the Dark Elf girl who called me a pervert on the bus a while back. She’s taken a beating too. I’m less concerned with why they know each other and more concerned about who put their hands on them.

“Hey Jason, this is Teranonu,” Kaiden says when he sees me.

“That’s my Elven name, humans usually just call me Tera,” she says.

“And you usually pervert on the bus,” I interrupt her before she can say more. “Kaiden, who beat you up?”

“Well, there were these Wood Elves. Tera stole some wallets from them, but they were stolen. She was trying to take them back when she ran into me. They beat us up and took the bag with the books you gave me. They’ve got a fort in the center of the park. The little forest part. We were hoping you could help us get them back.” Kaiden tells me everything right away.

“He didn’t need to know all of that,” Tera chastises Kaiden.

“Well, if we want him to help us, we should be honest,” Kaiden argues.

“He’s right. Let’s go,” Kaiden hops off the couch and follows me.

“Are you two serious? What’s wrong with you,” Tera argues, but follows.

“I like to take a proactive stance on problems,” I call the elevator. “If we’re fast we can make it to the bust stop before the next bus comes.”

“How can you live in a place like this with no car,” Tera asks.

“You don’t have a car either. Do you mind sharing an elevator with a pervert?”

“Do you two know each other or something,” Kaiden asks.

“Yeah, I saw her on the bus, all beat up with burnt sleeves. Like right now. I asked if she needed help. She called me a pervert. If she had said yes back then, this would have never happened.”

“I’m sorry about the pervert thing. I was having a rough day. Thanks for helping us out here,” Tera tries to be nice.

She gets me caught up on the situation during the bus ride. Young Wood Elves, teenagers. Maybe twenty of them. They’ve decided to go back and live the way they would have before the Wood Elves and High Elves aligned during the Elven Wars. Problem is, that was centuries ago and none of them have any clue what life would have been like back then. They think living in some stupid treehouse, fort or whatever and stealing from people is the way to go. They’ve got another thing coming.

“So why are a bunch of books so important any way,” Tera asks as we make our way through the park.

“Jason got them for me as a Christmas gift.”

“It was not a Christmas gift. We didn’t even celebrate Christmas,” I interject.

“Yeah, sure. Not a Christmas gift, that you gave me three days before Christmas. Whatever you say big bro,” Kaiden responds.

“You two are funny,” Terra laughs. “But get serious. We’re right in front of their gates. They’ve got a magic barrier up so it’s invisible to the naked eye. As soon as we go through this fallen tree, we’ll be right outside their front door.”

“You ready,” Kaiden asks.

“Don’t have to get ready if you stay ready,” I tell him before making my way through the tree first.


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