I’ve been here for two weeks and I’ve done nothing slightly vampir-ish other than drink some blood on occasion. Part of that is my fault, I haven’t gone out of my way to get to know anyone here other than Isaac, but that’s because he insists we do almost everything together. I didn’t care much for my roommates in college, but I suppose this is what it’s like for people who made their roommates their best friends. The other recruits as we’re called are strange. Catalina is quiet, just too quiet. I’ve been accused of being shy or standoffish before, but she doesn’t open her mouth and when she does, nothing louder than a mouse’s squeak comes out. Ashley is the exact opposite, she’s brash and doesn’t hide anything about what she wants. Ashley wants to be a vampire because it’ll make her stronger, she has all these grandiose dreams about becoming a professional fighter and getting rich. Catalina hasn’t said much, but I get the feeling that she’s simply afraid of death. From what she’s revealed she has Sickle Cell and it’s a pretty serious case. As far as Isaac, I don’t have a clue why he wants to be a vampire. He’s great at dodging questions.

Most of the day I’m left alone while they’re doing some kind of supposed training. I’ve spent that time trying to get to know the family and started reading the diary Destiny left with me. The diary is like an autobiography; almost as if she wrote it for me. I’ve learned a lot about her past before she got here, and I understand why she wasn’t eager to talk about it. I only recently got to the section where she starts to discuss this place. She doesn’t trust Granny or Old Ben, Michael and James are idiots, Sampson isn’t living up to his potential. She spends a lot of time with Isis, almost as if they were sisters. Destiny basically idolized her reading through this book. The only time I’ve seen Isis is when she’s out in the garden and she doesn’t speak much when she’s out there. I still haven’t gotten to the part where she reveals why she’s was so hesitant to mention this place.

From what I can tell, Michael seems okay, really does talk about cars nonstop, chubby little guy that gets into places I wouldn’t expect. He tends to buy exotic and luxury cars for cheap then spend a ton of time repairing them. He’s got an old Dodge Viper that was caught fire, but he’s been making some great progress on it. The first day I stopped by his makeshift garage outback he couldn’t stop showing me before and after pictures. James indeed is a no-good thief who demonstrated that he can steal my wallet without me noticing. I’ve taken to keeping anything important in my magic pocket since then. Big Chester, is more monster than man. He’s blindly loyal to Granny and Old Ben, following one of them at nearly all times of day until someone whispers orders. I have the feeling he doesn’t talk much because he uses his skull to turn big rocks into smaller rocks as he doesn’t seem smart. That’s a terrible thing to say but I get the feeling he couldn’t read a page from Dr. Seuss without stuttering. Generally, he’s pretty emotionless but stares at Sampson with nothing but hate. Sampson meets his gaze with one that has signs of fear and challenge. There’s some history there for sure.

“Where have you been,” Isaac nearly rips my arm off.

“Sitting here, reading.”

“It’s time.”

“For what?”

“The trials. We have to go,” he starts to pull again.

We arrive at the front of the house and take our places lined up next to Catalina and Ashley in the grass. On the front porch Granny stands in the center, arms linked with Old Ben as all the vampires, minus me, flank both sides of them and look out at us. There’s an air of seriousness, but for some reason I’m just not feeling it. Everyone is standing straight as possible, I make the effort to stand up straight.

“You’ve studied and worked long enough,” Granny speaks and everyone hangs on every word. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve already turned, you’re hoping to turn for power, health or revenge. Now is the time that you have to prove you’ve become worthy.”

I’m already turned, Ashley is looking for power and Catalina is looking to avoid death. That means Isaac is looking for revenge. I should probably pay more attention to him and stop treating him as background noise. If he’s looking for revenge, we might be able to help each other. Two vampires are better than one and I’ll need all the help I can get to take out House Marson.

“The three trials you’ll take on are the Trial of Wealth, Trial of Connection and Trial of Blood. Today, your first trial begins. The trial of wealth, prepare yourself for anything. Tonight, meet Michael and James back here and take the first true steps towards becoming Adze.”


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