3.22 - Green Lantern John Stewart

3.22 - Green Lantern John Stewart

“Why are we hanging on this rooftop in the middle of the night,” I ask Destiny.

“Because I’m waiting on my target to make himself known.”

“And who is your target? The mysterious rooftop jumper,” I ask sarcastically.

“No, he’s a thief that takes magic artifacts from people’s homes.”

“Wow, that’s thrilling… we could go watch a movie,” I suggest.

“This is how I put food on the table and keep my bitches looking pretty,” she laughs.

“Am I supposed to be bitches? Because I was already pretty when you met me.”

“Just shut up and practice your little pocket thing,” she gently pushes me away.

“That’s a great idea. Much better than watching out for Robin Hood.”

“I showed you a big book of magic, and you landed on trying to create a magic pocket. Do you want to be Santa? Get a magic sack full of goodies? I still don’t get it.”

“Because Green Lanterns are awesome. I can’t exactly go making light projections but I can make a dimensional pocket. I can keep a change of clothes, snacks, a laptop and a bunch of other stuff. You should think about learning too. Women’s clothes don’t have pockets so a magic pocket means I won’t have to carry your stuff,” I give her a big toothy smile.

“You should be honored to carry my stuff,” she makes her way to the ledge.

I let her concentrate on finding her guy while I go back to working on my pocket. Right now, I can almost open one up. I think I’m approaching this one wrong. Green Lanterns basically make a pocket dimension where they hold their lanterns, and other stuff. That’s how I’ve been thinking about it too, making a whole dimension, but I don’t think that’s the right way to go about it. At least not with my mind, I fixate on every single detail. Is there life in this universe? Is there a source of light? How will I know which object I’m trying to take out? What kind of environment will it be? No, I just need to keep it simple. Maybe instead of a pocket dimension I’ll think of it as something like a locker. Not as big, that’s basically what I need. A blue locker, padlock no combination, air vents for no reason. Tall and rectangular, it’s my idea so I want a double wide, not a school locker. Maybe a shelf, I’m overthinking this, but still less than a universe.

I open my eyes and a little bluish grey cloud floats in front of me. I think this is supposed to be my locker, or universe. It’s not like any weather thing I’ve ever seen before. I look around to tell Destiny but she’s gone. Just me and the cloud, I really want to touch it, I think I have to. I dig for the penny I kept in my pocket for this moment.

I reach my hand towards it, but there’s a mild electric shock that makes me pull back. Okay, maybe I should think on it a little more. I close my eyes again and picture the cloud, this time I picture it letting me in, a nice little door that only I can reach in. A door that won’t shock me when I try to touch it, that’s it. I’ve got an image now.

I open my eyes and stare down the cloud again. This time I clutch the penny tight and jam my hand inside. There’s no shock, it’s a cool felling, the perfect temperature, almost like liquid. I let the penny go and it feels like it floats away, but I can’t watch it go, only feel it. Still, I can feel where it’s at, almost as if there’s a big ocean, and I’m aware of everything inside, even if it’s only a penny. I pull my hand out expecting it to be wet, but there’s no difference than when I put it in.

Now, the real test. Can I pull it out? I stick my hand back in, and it still feels like a cool ocean again. I grasp, but there’s nothing. I can’t find the penny; I’m thinking I might have just sent it to nowhere. What did the book say? Right, I have to think about the item and call it forth. Penny, I choose you. Something small bumps against the palm of my hand and I grasp it then yank my hand out. I open it up, and there’s the penny. The exact same penny I put in there. I’m the man.

I turn at the sound of thud against the ground and spot Destiny with a hogtied elf. From what I know he’s too dark to be a high elf, brownish skin, he must be a wood elf. What’s a wood elf doing so deep in the city? They’re supposed to stick to the edges where they can be close to nature, or just not live in cities. I’m thinking some of those books Destiny gave me are outdated. There needs to be a Wikipedia for this kind of thing. I’d donate $5 a month for that.

“So, how do you actually get paid for kidnapping him,” I can’t help but ask.

“Well, I brand him with my registration number and place a call. They come pick him up. I don’t even have to wait if I think the restraints are good enough,” she says like there’s no big deal.

“You’re going to brand him like property, that’s disgusting.”

“No, like a magic brand. If you ever get registered you’ll get one of these,” she produces a small bingo marker from her pocket and pops the cap. “Basically, each of these is coded with a number. You just touch it somewhere like a forehead and you’re done.”

“I don’t see anything.”

“It’s not for you to see, it’s for the Syndicate to see,” she shrugs.

“How do you call them?”

“On the phone, you dweeb,” she bursts into laughter.

We wait for the pickup and I tell her about my cloud, that’s still floating beside me. I just need to learn to call it and make it go away on demand now. I have to go to work in the morning, I can’t bring a cloud with me.

I’m startled when two people in suits appear on the roof silently. I don’t know how they got up here, but they go straight to the elf Destiny had captured. An Orc and another elf, a high elf, both wearing all black suits with sunglasses. They look like every depiction of the men in black in comics, movies, TV, books. Some members of a shadowy government organization. The suited elf waves his hand over the tied up elf and nods to the Orc. The Orc tosses Destiny’s bounty onto her shoulders.

“Payment will be deposited in 12 hours,” the elf speaks and they quickly exit.

“We should get pizza,” Destiny says.

“None of that was weird to you?”

“Nope, just work. Look, your little cloud went away,” she laughs. “We’re getting pizza.”


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