Chapter 69 - M.

“Why am I going to get you blood,” I ask over the phone.

“Because I’m all out,” Destiny laughs, she’s been doing that more often lately.

“But that doesn’t answer why I’m going and not you.”

“Because you’re my familiar,” she laughs harder now.

“Your what?”

“Familiar, you’re someone a vampire thinks is good to have around. Usually, a familiar fills some kind of important role. Goes out during the day, pays the bills. Might provide a little blood. All the things vampires can’t do themselves.”

“But you can go outside in the day time.”

“Yeah, but I’m working.”

“I have a job too.”

“Yeah, but you don’t really like it. So just be my familiar for the day.”

“So you’re saying I’m good to have around?”

“Not really but if you’re going to be seen with me, I need to keep the money flowing. I like my bitches in pretty shoes,” she laughs hard and hangs up.

I can’t believe she really just called me her bitch. What is wrong with her? Why do I like it? I hope I’m not one of those people that gets a kick out of being abused. That really isn’t how I saw my life going. Then again, I’m sitting outside of a decrepit building with a big sign that says ‘Blood Bank' and somehow has a parking lot full of cars. I hope I can really buy blood here, otherwise she’s just making a fool out of me. But she doesn’t seem to be the pranking type.

Deep breath, just relax. She’s got my head spinning. Just relax. I’m just running an errand for a friend. That’s it, just a friend. She’s just a friend. I don’t really have any friends. No, just breathe. Breathe easy, one, two, three. Okay, I’m good now. 

Inside the building is much cleaner, I grab a ticket and take a seat like everyone else. I didn’t notice when I walked in, but there’s some serious security in here. Big guys, kind of greenish. I sink down in my seat at the thought that entered my mind. These are Orcs aren’t they. Just take me back to Oblivion, I can’t deal with Orcs in my real life. Oh my god, is that an elf at the counter? Okay, remember your breathing exercises. It’s just life, everyone here is a person just like you. Are elves people? What about Orcs? Okay just chill. There was a time when Black people weren’t considered people. I shouldn’t treat Orcs and Elves the way my ancestors were treated. Just, normal people. With magic and spiked clubs. What am I saying? The Orcs aren’t even carrying spiked clubs.

“Number 13,” the Elf working the counter calls out.

“Why, hello,” I play it cool.

“What you want,” she chews her gum and swipes the blonde and pink hair from her snow like skin.


“What kind?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ugh, we got A, B, AB, O, then you got negatives. Do you want blood, or blood wine, brandy, pudding? You want it flavored? Damn thralls can never get it right,” she goes off on a tangent. “You’d think someone would teach these new vampires how to make a thrall correctly. I mean, it’s the only damn magic they can do and they can’t get it right.”

“I’m not a thrall,” is all I can say.

“Whatever, take a menu and a new number.”

Suddenly all of my anxiety is gone when I realize Elves are people too, annoying people. Just as bad as any human can be. I’d take it Orcs are the same way. The more the world seems to change, the more everything seems to stay the same. That’s the way it is, that’s the way it always has been and always will be. 

The menu is kind of crazy, more like a restaurant than anything else. There aren’t a ton of prepared foods but all of the food is marked for food prep or simply drinking. There’s indeed a wide selection of liquor made from blood. I’m not sure how it would work. Does blood even ferment? What does Destiny like? I think she just had bottles of blood in her fridge, but I saw her eat blood on salad. So maybe both. Okay, I’ll get her some blood wine, some regular blood and some cooking blood. This sounds ridiculous.

“Number 21,” she calls out.

I watch as a short thin man makes his way up to the counter. They exchange some words and he heads to the back. Perhaps people give blood freely here. I know plasma centers pay people for their donations. I wonder if the same thing goes on here. Usually blood donation just gets you a cookie or an orange slice. I wonder how much they know; I mean they have to know. This place isn’t exactly The Red Cross. I’m guessing any of the blood donation centers around the city that aren’t red cross might be vampire affiliated. Then again, everyone buying blood doesn’t look like a vampire. Could everyone here be a familiar or what did the woman at the desk say? A thrall, those are magic based right? I’ll have to ask Destiny later.

“Number 29,” she calls out and I make my way to the counter. “Oh lord, do you know what you want now?”

“Yeah, I know what I want,” a manager, but I’m not going to be that guy.

She fetches the items I point out and rings me up. I’ll admit it’s pretty nice that the prices are as listed with the tax included. I just don’t think I’m eager to come back to this place. I’ve been trying to cope with the world not being as simple as I thought it was, but there’s a lot to take in. I was just settling with the thought of Vampires, Werewolves and Elves. But then you add Orcs in the mix. I wonder what else is out there. I don’t think breathing exercises are going to get me through. I might need a xanax or whatever they’re selling to deal with anxiety these days.

Chapter 67 - M.

My entire body is on pins and needles, but worse. Every move pains me, my body’s way of crying out for more blood. I got enough that my senses are back to me, but I need way more if I’m going to get right. I don’t need a lot to survive, but I’ve been frozen, staked, maybe shot or whatever for god only knows how long. Right now, I need information more than blood. I’ve been wandering the streets, no doubt looking every bit of homeless vagrant intent on robbery. I’ve spent maybe a few hours asking random people where the closest library is. Most run away from me, I can’t blame them. I’d run away from me too. But Detroit is still the Midwest, and Midwest people are good people. Even if we do talk about you behind your back.

Eventually I make it to a library, eyes dart to me as I walk in. I stop at the drinking fountain. I know the water won’t ease the pain much, but it does stop the burning of my throat. I slide off to the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face. I can use a haircut more than ever before; my nails are long and ragged, bloodshot eyes, crusty lips make me complete. I bit through my nails, leaving them jagged, but an acceptable length. There’s a bloody hole in my shirt from the stake, or bullet. I turn it around, knowing it’ll draw less attention if the hole is in the back. I use the hand soap and paper towels to try to clean some of the smell away. Instead of a burning corpse, I only smell like burning. When I’ve done the best I can to make myself presentable I make my way out the bathroom and head over and grab a ticket for the computers.

Thirty minutes should be enough for me to get acquainted with my surroundings. The first thing I do is click the small clock reading 7/10 for the date. It quickly expands to a full colander reading July 10, 2019 and I almost fall off my chair. My last memory is 2006, New Years Eve in Indianapolis. There’s more after it, but I can’t remember. Even that’s foggy, but 2019, no. That’s 13 years. I quickly scan the internet for what’s been going on. Gay marriage is legal, recession, Black president? I missed a Black president? A Black president named Barack Obama? I have to be dreaming. I couldn’t get elected class president and my name is Ma... That’s two letters I can remember now at least. This Netflix thing sounds interesting. 

I’ve only got thirty minutes before I have to wait in line again, I need to focus on the task at hand. I print out some maps of Detroit, a list of addresses and phone numbers. Enough that I can get where I need to go right now. Thirty minutes is more than enough time, I used to be really good at computers, but they’ve changed a lot. 

“Ahhh,” I hear the man to my left.

Looking over, I’m disgusted. He’s holding what looks like a small dirty pink naked mole rat covered in bumps in his hand as it spews a thick yellow liquid. People looked at me as a monster just walking in here, and here this guy is masturbating in a public library. He notices me watching and finally zips up his pants.

“Like what you see? Too bad I ain’t into guys,” he laughs and gets up.

I grab his arm as he walks past “I didn’t like what I saw,” I squeeze harder as he tries to pull away, “If I ever see that thing again I’m going to rip it off and shove it down your throat,” I don’t let go. Just stare into his eyes. 

The moment I feel his soul crushing is the moment I let go. I finish up some searches about the current year and get a feel for things. Climate change was big after Hurricane Katrina, turns out it still is for most people. Cost of living has gone up; wages have stayed stagnant. Police still killing people. 13 years and not a damn thing has changed. Except that whole Black president thing. Still can’t believe that one actually happened. Fiber optic internet cables, that was a dream, now it seems like they’re being installed in more and more places. Net neutrality, going to make sure to keep an eye on that one. 

“Here you go,” the Librarian hands me the stack of papers I printed.

“What about the fee,” I ask her.

“I saw what you did,” she responds.

“I didn’t do anything,” she’s confusing me.

“You got Penis Phil out of here,” she smiles and hands the papers to me.

“Thank you, I’ll remember this,” I take the papers and head out.

“Girl, it look like somebody pulled him out the grave. He got a shotgun hole and his shirt and all,” the Librarian says to another librarian walking past.

“You should have saw him come in. Cleaned up in the bathroom best he could, I guess. Bless his heart” she responds.

“Drugs are killing these young people.” 

The two laugh, and I can’t say they aren’t funny. Midwest people, good people. Even if they talk about you. I’ve got what I need. I spread out the pieces of paper on the grass and hold them down with some rocks. A limited map of Detroit, but enough for me. I just need street names and where I’m at. Google maps, it was just starting out back then, but wow. Now it’s great. I was able to find a few different options, and map out a route with ease. If I’m right, my memory should sort itself out after this.

Chapter 66 - M.

“This is a lot of books about vampires,” the librarian said as she scanned the barcodes.

“Yep, I’ve really gained an interest lately,” I smile.

“Not so common for people older than teenagers to like this stuff. I guess this stuff is mostly old research. If you can call it that.”

I always hated when Librarians would judge people for the books they chose. You’ve got a whole section of the library closed off for adults only. Full of violent and lusty erotica books. Someone comes through and there’s like an unspeakable rule that you can’t say anything. But the minute an adult wants to read a fantasy book or some science fiction the judgement starts. This stuff isn’t even fiction, it’s research into vampires. I need to learn more and I can only keep Destiny to myself for so long and I don’t want to spend that time asking her about vampires. 

The trunk probably wouldn’t be the best place. I leant Elias my car for an art showing and he’s got some supplies back there. I just put them in the back seat next to the board games. I don’t have time to be neat. I’m already running late for work. I was supposed to start migrating our data to the new server twenty minutes ago but the library was on the way. I figured I could stop and grab the books I had placed on hold.

“Sorry I’m late,” I rush through and immediately pull my laptop out my backpack.

“Don’t worry, you’re almost never late. You’re one of the good ones,” my boss pats me on the back as he heads to his office.

I smile, because I don’t want to lose my job, my really good job. Still I know what he meant by one of the good ones. I’ve heard it all my life. You speak so well, you’re so polite, you’re one of the good ones. On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with those statements, but the follow up is implied. For a black person, is what goes behind every one of those statements. That’s the part that bothers me. Not one of the good IT people, but a good black person. One of the worst parts about this job. I’m supposed to be doing all this super cyber security stuff. In the end, I’m just updating software and telling people how to fix things they could have googled. If the pay wasn’t so good, I’d have quit a long time ago. Who am I kidding? I went to college, I’m sure this plagues the whole industry. It’s a job, everyone hates their job. That thing about never working a day in your life if you do what you love, not true. I love computers, I love research and it turns out, I hate my job.

But I’m good at it, and it doesn’t take long before I’ve finished up. Back in my office, I dive into today’s task. Finding information on Destiny. I’m not always able to connect with people face to face, a computer helps. I can find out where they like to shop, favorite websites, friends, family and even lovers. A little typing and I can find their financial institution, see what their spending habits are. Some people might find it weird, but I find asking people about their favorite places to shop weirder.

Even weirder, there’s not much on Destiny. Birth certificate in Ohio, bank account, a few thousand in savings. Checking usually around three hundred. Doesn’t seem to make any extravagant purchases, but the shoe budget is wild, I can’t judge. Occasional payments from S. Syndicate International. I imagine that’s the Shadow Syndicate she mentioned. No myspace, no live journal, she keeps a really low profile, nothing more than she has to. Maybe that’s a good thing because for the first time ever, I actually feel dirty looking at this information. Almost as if I’m reading a diary she had tucked away. I could get into her email, but I think I’ve done enough already. 


“Are you serious,” Destiny forces through her laugher. Holding her stomach and pointing at me.

“I’m so serious,” I say opening up the box for Monopoly.

“I never agreed to this sham you’re calling a date. On top of that, THIS, is your idea of a date? Board games,” she continues to laugh.

“So, you don’t want to play Monopoly? You won’t mind if I play by myself and I’m the racecar?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m going to destroy you, bankrupt you, take your favorite pair of sneakers as a trophy,” she says grabbing the racecar.

“That’s what I thought,” I laugh, I wanted to be the battleship anyway.

For someone who laughed at me for wanting to play Monopoly she was having a good time. I had seen Destiny smile before, but this was different. She had a real smile on her face, a night away from vampires and killing stuff seemed to be perfect for her. Just board games and talking. Elias thought it was dumb, but I don’t know anyone that hates board games. Even if they are undead vampires who go to church. When the game got too intense, we ordered pizza and switched to playing Life.

“So, you’re the type to just knock a woman up without a ring. But I guess you stay loyal” she joked.

“You’ve got two vans full of kids,” I responded.

“I always wanted a big family, and besides this one just crossed the finish line,” she gloated.

“Okay, okay. You and you gaggle of kids win. It’s getting late, I should head home,” I reach for my shoes.

“You can just stay here, we’ve got more games to play. Then we can do a séance. A real sleep over” she shrugged, putting away the game.

“A séance with you will probably include real ghosts. But I’ve never been to a sleepover, so your offer is tempting.”

“What do you mean you’ve never been to a sleepover? Like, never?”


“Why not,” she asked almost offended.

“Didn’t have a lot of friends growing up and mom always said school was more important than hanging out.”

“That sounds miserable. Do you get along with her now?”

“We’re cool. I don’t tell her much about my life and she doesn’t ask anymore. But we don’t fight,” I think the relationship is normal.

“Well, that’s kind of sad, but I get it,” she pauses. “But tonight, is about fun. So, take your shoes off, sit down, and pass me another slice of pizza. So, I can beat your ass in Uno until the sun comes up,” she rips the cards free from the plastic.

Chapter 65 - M.

“It’s another, day’s journey, and I’m glad,” a woman with a graying bob cut sings.

“I’m glad about it,” the choir responds.

“I’m so glad,”

“I’m glad about it,” the choir continues the call and response.

“I’m so glad.”

“I’m so glad about”

You know I got my health and strength y’all and I’m glad,,”

“I’m glad about it.”

“You know that I’m so glad to be here.”

“I’m glad about it.”

“I’m so glad.”

“I’m glad about it.”

“I’m so glad to be here,”

“To be here,” the choir holds the note and finishes the song abruptly.

We applaud the song along with everyone else. I can’t remember the last time I went to church. Mom would always make me go, but as soon as I moved out, I stopped. Elias and dad just wouldn’t go. I was always so upset. Why did she make me go but not them, probably because I wouldn’t be as difficult. That all seems so long ago. Yet here I am back in church again. Sitting next to a vampire, who brought me here. I thought vampires were supposed to be allergic to religious things but apparently, she comes here every Sunday night. I thought I had the wrong address when I had Elias drop me off, didn’t even realize it was a church until I walked inside. I still wasn’t sure; it was set up more like an auditorium for a large high school.

“Good morning church,” a man I assume to be the pastor makes his way to the dark wooden podium with the golden cross etched into it.

“Good morning pastor,” everyone repeats including Destiny.

“I won’t be long this morning,” he opens a bible and a notebook.

“Amen,” a deacon shouts to some laughter.

“Y’all know I preach, but sometimes I must teach,” he continues.

“Go ahead Rev,” the same deacon calls out.

“This morning we’re going to look at a few verses. The first will be Genesis 1:16. It reads as follows. And God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night, and the stars. Amen”

“Amen,” everyone repeats. Destiny nudges me when I don’t speak fast enough.”

“Now, it should be clear, the sun is the greater light, and the moon is the lesser light. But I want to talk about the stars. Now there are stars we can all see this. But what if we were the stars? Do we not move through the night? Are we not blessed with gifts that ordinary people can’t comprehend? We are the stars, and we should allow ourselves to shine. Amen,”

“Amen,” from the congregation again.

This isn’t a regular church. This is a vampire church. Suddenly it all makes sense. The clothing is varied but the suits and dresses worn by the older members seem to be out of style by a few hundred years. There aren’t any people younger than Destiny and I. I’ve never been around this many vampires before. The most was three and two of them were trying to kill Destiny. Suddenly this a lot to take in. I knew there had to be more vampires in the city, but there has to be close to a thousand here. These are just the religious ones; how many are out there?

“In that lesser light, at night. We are the stars, we don’t have to rule the world, but it is our time to shine. Embrace who we are. Psalm chapter 148 verse three says it all. There is no difference between his children in the Lord’s eyes. Praise him, sun and moon, praise him, all you shining stars!”

The pastor takes a seat as the congregation shout and claps. He must have had a rousing sermon but I was trying to count the fangs. They do an invitation to join the cross, or be born again. I supposed they’d be born a third maybe fourth time at this point. Destiny leads me outside as soon as service is over, a few hugs with other members of the church.

“Why did you take me to a vampire church,” I ask Destiny as soon as we’re in the car.

“I wanted you to learn more about me,” she shrugs.

“I didn’t learn anything other than vampires aren’t actually hurt by religion or blessed items.”

“Some are, but not all of us.”

“I don’t get why vampires would want to go to church.”

“Everyone has their own reason. Same as normal people. For me, my parents, real parents were preachers. It brings me comfort.”

“That’s nice.”

“I get the feeling you don’t like church,” she smugly grins.

“Nope. Never felt good about it. The music was always great but I always felt judged.”

“Did you feel judged tonight?”

“I felt like a snack.”

She bursts into laughter “Nobody in the church drinks blood from people or blood taken without consent. We’re a humane bunch of vampires. Some of us buy blood from our favorite humans, some buy it a blood banks, some are even trying to make synthetic blood.”

“That’s a relief. I’m sorry, this whole thing is catching me off guard.”

“Relax, I keep forgetting you’re a coward. Have to warn you about everything. Now, let’s go get dinner.”


“Pizza dork.”

“Fine, but I’m planning date three. My turn to traumatize you.”

“Date three? Was this a date? Boy, you really think I might love you,” she laughs as we pull out the parking lot.

Chapter 64 - M.

“I asked you on a date, why can’t I pick where we’re going?”

“Because you’re still a coward. If you're going to be following me around like a sick puppy, that needs to be fixed,” Destiny continues her relentless taunting.

“By watching a vampire movie? I’ve been hanging out with a vampire for weeks now. My brother said that when you like a girl you go on a date where you can talk and do stuff together. If you just want to have sex, then you go to a movie. I like you, do you not like me,” I ask.

“You are...a very special kind of strange,” Destiny responds before going completely silent.

“And you aren’t?”

The side eye she’s giving me is a big hint that I screwed up. This is my first real date, at least one I wanted to go on. Usually Elias just brings me along with him on a double date and I meet the friend of the girl he really likes. I can’t say it ever worked out, and I didn’t learn a lot about dating. But, I did learn arguing isn’t a sign that the date is going well. I didn’t learn how to fix it either. I just stare out the window as she drives. Kind of wished we had taken separate cars now but I just had to give in when she said she had the perfect place to go. I was planning a nice dinner and walk in the park for us. But nope, I had to let her take control. I should tell her right now I made reservations for us and this movie thing won’t work.

“We’re here, get out and don’t embarrass me,” Destiny says pulling into a parking spot.

“Don’t get out yet, I’m supposed to open your door.”


Destiny leads the way into what seems to be a worn-down warehouse on the east side of town near the docks. Inside is completely different, a small bar with alcohol and movie theater concessions. A neon red color filled the room and that same copper stench I had smelled back at the nightclub where this all started. After some research of my own, I figured out the smell was probably blood, and there had to be a lot of it for the smell to be so strong. I figured the club had housed a feeding spot underground. I hadn’t gotten up the nerve to ask Destiny if that was a thing or not. The small bar area featured several double doors each leading off to different rooms. Above each one held various movie titles on a digital screens above the door. Nosferatu, Dracula, Vampyre, The Lost Boys, The Little Vampire, all vampire movies.

“What will it be,” the man at the door asks us.

“Two for Vampire in Brooklyn,” Destiny responds.

“Any food or drinks,” he asks.

“I’ll have a salad with a blood vinaigrette to start, the stuffed porkchops with some blood wine. O-, if you have it. He’ll have a chef salad, no dressing, then he’ll have the stuffed porkchops as well, with regular whisky,” she takes a slip of paper from the man and guides me to a room.

Inside are several dining tables in a dimly lit room, most of the light coming from the large screen finishing up the credits of the previous film. A few people sit at the tables around the room. Some eating, others watching them eat. Only one couple seems to both be eating. The most disturbing is an older blonde man sucking on the arm of a young woman as she eats. Her face is wincing in pain but occasionally delight as well. We take our seats as people start to head out. I avoid the gaze of the blonde man as he passes by me, did he see me watching? No, he was too busy draining that woman of blood, she’s stumbling as she leaves, light headed from the blood loss.

“Where are we,” I can’t help but ask as people start to come in.

“Movie theater. It’s nice because they serve you dinner to go with the movie.”

“I can see that but you ordered blood at the door. So, I guess, what is this place? I’m a little freaked out right now.”

“Oh, it’s a movie theater,” she jokes.

“What kind? I’ve never been to a place like this.”

“Relax, nobody will hurt you. Neutral ground. Most days, it’s a normal theater. Nights are a little different. They have nights dedicated to Werewolves, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, humans and of course vampires. The food is a little different each night, except human night. Vampire night, they serve blood. But all vampires can’t eat human food so some bring thralls and familiars, then watch them it. I’m Adze, so I can eat and a little blood goes a long way for us. Each night they show movies based around whoever the star is that night, vampire movies tonight. Came to human night once, lot of movies about magic.”

“So, we’re just watching a movie?”

“Yeah, Vampire in Brooklyn, my favorite. White people didn’t like it but black people loved it. I remember seeing it on my 18th birthday,” she stops as the water drops off salads and drinks.

I take the moment to do some quick math in my head. Movie came out in 1995, it was her 18th birthday. The year is 2005. So she’s 28, same as me. Now I have more questions.

“Hey, I thought vampires were immortal. You’re only 28.”

“Not all vampires are immortal, but I am” she pulls ranch from her bag and passes it to me. “No regular salad dressing on Vampire Night, but I got you.”

“How does that work, and thank you.”

“Well, you have to be turned. Most still age, just really slowly and can die of natural causes, usually just being old. Some even go as far as replacing organs to live longer. Adze, there are still former slaves living and the process changed so I’m not sure. We’re birthed in blood and magic. Dhampir max out around 150-200 years old, Primeval probably live forever. Nach,” she struggles on the word.

“How many different types of vampires are there,” I take her pause to ask.

“Officially, there’s five that fought the wars 300 years ago. But six are commonly accepted by everyone but vampires. Unofficially, there’s a whole lot of one-off weird stuff. Vampires born of special circumstances, like a werewolf and vampire mix. Children that just come back as vampire. There was a human who turned himself into a vampire with magic. 96 percent of the vampires you meet will be one of the 5. 1 percent will be the sixth type. The last 3 percent makes up the thousands maybe millions of strange kinds.”

“Okay, tell me the six for now. What are the key differences,” I take out my phone to make notes. If I’m going to be around Destiny, I want to know my stuff.

“Okay,” she laughs at me pulling out my phone. “So, for starters there’s Adze, started somewhere in Ghana or Togo. Originally, we were immortal shapeshifters who fed on blood. But, could take the shape of humans, the downside is anything that would kill a human would kill us. Sometime during the era of slavery that changed. Blood magic was incorporated into the turning process. We gave up our shape shifting powers to appear human, and become immortal, near invincible. We could still be killed but it would take so much more. I can tell your more about Adze later, so much more. You may choose to be one of us some day. We generally stick to ourselves”

“Hey, I’m just hanging around for the moment.”

“Sure, I was too. The next is” she takes a deep breath and spaces it out the word “Na-ch-ze-her. Nachzeher. German origins. They keep to themselves as well. They can’t turn people with a bite each one of them is born of pain.”

“What does that mean?”

“Calm down whiz kid. Imagine you have a mass shooting, the first one will turn into a Nachzeher. A plague, the first person in each region will turn. Victims of serial killers. Suicides. They likely existed as long as Adze but during World War II is when more and more showed up. Every time the Germans would fill the gas chamber, another was born. Dozens were born during genocides. I can’t say how many there are for certain, but there’s new ones born every day. They’re immortal, but they all suffer some kind of mental illness from the trauma of the rebirth. They’ve been said to devour entire bodies when they first rise, despite only needing blood. Some try to eat themselves but heal too fast. They want to die, and view it as a curse. They’ve been searching for a cure, but many go insane and settle for death. Sunlight, a stake to the heart, decapitation, it’ll take them out.”

“That’s actually really sad. They never wanted to be turned, just were and it drove them insane.”

“But it gets worse, the ones who recovered from insanity become Nachzeher. The ones who don’t become that sixth unofficial type. Strigoi. Twisted, deformed bodies, many of their organs give out and they’re left blind, finding their way through smell. Closer to zombies than vampires really. They hunt in packs, usually five to ten but as large as twenty or fifty isn’t unheard of. When you hear about chupacabras, they’re probably speaking about Strigoi, usually a child. The children always seem to come back as Strigoi. I suppose it’s because of the strong emotions behind a child’s death.”

We sit and ponder on the Nachzeher and Strigoi for a moment as a few more people come in. All of which seem to be getting food. Different from those that were here at the end of the last film. I assume Adze aren’t the only ones that can eat food.

“Up next, officially the third type. Excuse me for being racist, the last of the three you can trust.”

“Didn’t you just say Nachzeher all suffered from bouts of mental illness?”

“Yes, but they’re still good people. The third type are the Dhampir. Like the Adze born from magic and blood, or the Nachzeher born from pain, the Dhampir are born from love, or lust. They are the half vampire children of a human and a vampire. Sometimes a vampire falls in love with a human and ends up carrying a baby, a miracle of sorts. Other times a woman ends up carrying a vampire and not knowing it. It’s more common than some would have you believe. They’ve got all our strengths and none of our weaknesses, except the blood for sustenance thing. They can’t shake that one. Unlike the other two we’ve talked about, they can turn someone with a bite, and the turned person will be a full vampire, they can also reproduce through sex.”

“So they’re like Blade the comic book, or the movies,” I interject.

“You’re saying nerd shit again.”

“You’re giving a whole dissertation on vampires; you can’t call me a nerd.”

“I studied the history of vampires because I am one. I’m giving you this information because you asked. Did you study comic books because you were one?”

“That doesn’t, even make any sense,” I look at her in confusion.

“I know it doesn’t. The next vampire is the OG if you believe them. They’re known as Gothic or Primeval. This is your standard Dracula type. Sunlight, holy water, garlic, a stake. It’ll put them down. They can reproduce by bite or sex. Some of them come with a special ability or mutation like shape shifting, limited mind control, or flying. Only reason their frail asses survived so long.”

“You don’t seem to like them.”

“When you meet some, you’ll understand. Just know, a lot of these fuckers got rich as slave owners, and stayed rich fighting for the confederacy. They’re still racist and despite putting on this façade of high society and snobbery, they’re still nothing more than bottom feeding assholes hanging onto the past.”


“Did you write that last part down? Racist, bottom feeding, assholes, hanging on, to the past, where they still, weren’t shit.”

“You’re adding stuff on now.”

“Had more come to mind,” she really does not like them.

“Anything else about them.”

“If you hear about vampire houses and pure blood lines, only these assholes and the perverts I’m about to mention care.”

“I will make note of that,” and I do because she’s watching me take notes now.

“Lastly is the Talamaur. Not that different from the Primeval. Big difference here, the person has to want to rise as a vampire. Can be up to 40 days before they come back, if they do come back. They don’t get any special tricks like the Primeval but they’re great fighters, and they can use magic. Twist being it’s all blood magic meaning they cut themselves open to use it, meaning they need more blood. Word is they used to be great, but constant infighting left them a mess as a whole. They really into polyamory and each one thrives to have a taruna with multiple wives or husbands, or both. Doesn’t matter, their whole culture thrives on sex and blood rituals. Many of which do absolutely nothing. They’re just sexual deviants. Even the act of blood drinking with them is always non consentual and sexual. If you give in they just kill you. Do you get where I’m going with this? I’d prefer not going further.”

“Sex crazed, blood magic using, rapists. That about right?”

“Yeah. Please, no more questions. The movie is starting. Meaning our date is starting, no more history lessons.”

I’ve seen Vampire in Brooklyn a few times, enough to know what happens without following along. Destiny mouths some of the important lines throughout. I laugh at all the right moments; I know when they’re coming. Most of my mind just wanders during the film. Not how cute she is with her sneakers matching her purse or how she acts like an asshole but keeps ranch dressing in her bag for me because she knows I’m human and there won’t be any dressing without blood. Instead I just wonder on how deep this world that’s not the word. How deep this world really goes, how many things I don’t know. She spent twenty minutes telling me about vampires, and my mind is blown. I’m sitting in a movie theater that serves Goblins and Werewolves. My mind is just blown over and over again with her. I saw a succubus, and my mind is still blown with how much there is out there. There’s so much going on in this place, so many different creatures, and people. So many different cultures and she just finds it all so typical.

Chapter 63 - M.

The sun wakes me, and my body can move again. I’m still in the hotel room, same spot, slightly more torn boxer briefs. The room is covered in blood, scales and what looks to be pieces of furniture. The TV is on and Destiny is watching reruns of The Wayans Brothers as if nothing is strange. Around the room are severed heads of what I assume to be more Succubus and an Incubus too, but only a single body. Jenny’s body, head attached and a fist sized hole through where her heart should be. I’d probably vomit if I hadn’t lived through last night.

“Put your clothes on,” Destiny flings a grocery bag at me with my actual clothes.

“Where were you,” I ask her without opening the bag.


“Last night, you went silent and I got raped.”

“Oh, you didn’t get raped, but this would be sexual assault for sure.”

“Great I’ll only get half an episode of SVU, where were you?”

“Killing the gang. See one can only steal so much of your soul, that’s why the rest wait in hiding. Then they take turns until you’re drained. I got the others first. I figured you could handle yourself. If you couldn’t, I wouldn’t want to hang around you. You barely passed,” she shrugs and goes back to watching TV.

I sit on the edge of the bed and take in my surroundings again. I try to reconcile what just happened, and my brain just isn’t computing. If this was some computer program or video game, I’d figure it out. This, this doesn’t compute with me, yet here I am. I accept it and make my way to the bathroom to get changed. I need to go home.

“Don’t try to be all modest now,” Destiny says as I shut the door.

“What did you see,” I ask her.

“Only a teeny tiny little bit,” she laughs.

“What’s that mean?”

“It means I only saw, an itsy-bitsy bit,” she keeps laughing.

I slam the door to get dressed and realize these aren’t my clothes at all. She’s playing another joke on me. I’m thinking I don’t like Destiny as much as I thought I did. I can deal with her not laughing at my jokes. But she left me to fight off what I can only describe as a demon rapist by myself. Then she makes a small dick joke and brings me biker shorts, a hoody and flip flops to wear. There’re limits to how much a person can take and she seems to just keep pushing mine, hoping I break. But I’m not going to give her that satisfaction. She’s not going to get rid of me like that, at least not until we’ve had a date. If she’s still like this afterwards, I’m done. I’ll find someone else to fall in love with because love should never be like this, even if I don’t know a lot about love.

“You look great,” Destiny gets her final laugh in.

“Thank you. I’ll pick you up on Friday night,” I say heading for the door.

“Pick me up for what? We’re done here.”

“No, you still owe me a date.”

“I don’t owe you anything,” Destiny stands up to intimidate me. It almost works.

“Yeah, you do. You told me if I acted as bait, you’d go on a date with me. I think you owe me that after making me a sexual assault victim because you wanted to hide half the plan and put me in your ex-boyfriend's clothes,” I realize I’m yelling and stop talking.

“Listen nerd boy, I don’t appreciate you yelling at me or placing the blame on me because you’re weak.”

“I’m a human, you’re not. You left me to fight a succubus that drugged me, because you told me to take the drugs. The least you can do is go on a date with me.”

“Fine, see you Friday.”

“And another thing, what is this crap? Where are my clothes and shoes? This looks like I’m a crazy person.”

“I said I’ll go on the date with you.”

“For real?”


“No strings attached,” I ask with concern.


“No practical jokes? Just a date.”

“Just a date,” she finally smiles.


“Don’t expect it to end in sex. I don’t put out on the first date.”

“I would never expect you to.”

“Good. Even if it did, there wasn’t much you could do with that anyway,” she bursts into laughter again.

“It gets bigger,” is the only thing I can say through the embarrassment.

“Not from what I saw,” she keeps going.

“Nobody told you to take a peek, pervert.”

“I didn’t, just didn’t see any print. Nothing, no hotdog, no tater tots. Just flat. Ken doll.”

“That’s not true,” I’m getting angry now.

“Hey, you’ve got what you got. Can’t change that.”

“It gets bigger, way bigger. You’ll see.”

“Sure, it does, let’s get out of here Ken Doll, I’ll make you breakfast.”

“I hate you so much right now.”

“No, you love to hate me. There’s a difference.”

Chapter 62 - M.

Check in doesn’t go well, I was just so stuck on Jenny that I could barely get checked in. I couldn’t remember the fake name Destiny gave me. She was so busy laughing she couldn’t get out Carlton Banks. Her laugh is so cute, doesn’t do her evilness justice. But, I made it through and we got to the elevator with no problem. Jenny is really understanding through all this. She says people aren’t usually hit like this their first time.

That elevator ride is when I realize, she didn’t take whatever I took. I’ve been overcome with all these gushy feelings for Jenny and Destiny, that I didn’t realize I’ve been drugged. I knew I took drugs; just thought I wasn’t alone and whatever I took wasn’t this strong. A list of all the street drugs I know start running through my mind. I can’t think of a single one that would do this, maybe a combination but I’m not sure why someone would go through the process of getting designer drugs just to put someone down. There’s plenty of things you can already get for cheap and if what Destiny says is true, you can get magic potions and there’s plenty of spells as well.

Inside the hotel room Jenny doesn’t waste any time. She leads me to the bed and insists on more wine and offers more drugs but I decline. I don’t care what Destiny says, wait, I don’t think Destiny has said anything for a while now. Where did she go? Did she just leave me hanging? Did we lose our radio signal? Am I going to puke? No.

In classic mythology, a succubus or even incubus would have sex with their victims. Driving them mad in the process. Some said they would wipe a piece of the persons mind, steal years from their life or even drain their soul each time. Yet, the sex was so great that the victim would willingly repeat the act over and over again, until there was nothing left. It was said they’d lure people in with a combination of hallucinogens and depressants. Some said they even had the power to cast hallucinations themselves. 

Jenny wasted no time, soon she was standing before me, having shed most of her clothing. She stood there, posing, in nothing but her heels, panties and matching bra. She was even more beautiful than before. I knew it had to be whatever she drugged me with trying to control me. The feelings of dread and panic would rush over me, and quickly be washed away by lust.

“I’m not feeling well right now,” I lie down on the bed and look away from her.

“Then I’ll do all the work, you just follow my lead.”

“I just don’t want to,” I argue.

“You’re not making this easy for anyone,” she says moving closer and stroking my head.

“It’s my first time, I’d like it to be something I could remember or didn’t vomit during.”

“It’s not your first time, someone like you, no. You could do it with your eyes closed.”

“I really can’t. I’ve never had sex,” I dry heave again.

“Look, we can do it the easy way, but we’re going to have sex tonight,” she turns threatening.

“No,” I roll out of the bed and onto the floor away from her.

The slam against the ground wakes me up a little, enough that I have my senses again. It isn’t long before she’s on top of me. She rips through my shirt and blazer, almost as if with claws instead of fingers. She’s strong, I can’t push free from her. I throw a few punches and they seem to hurt my wrist more than anything. I’ve only been in fights with my brothers, and I usually lose or Elias broke us up. I probably couldn’t beat my sisters. 

She leans forward, as beautiful as ever but her mouth seems to hold several rows of teeth and a straw shaped tongue now. All surrounded by perfect ruby red lipstick still. Instinct gives me the right move. I jam my fingers into her eyes like the old Three Stooges episodes dad used to watch. I’m able to break free of her and make a run for the door, almost. The drugs don’t let me get far before I start to fall over. I’m caught by Jenny, now looking more monstrous than before, green slanted eyes with a Brille, that’s what they call it on reptiles right? I don’t know but she easily tosses me back onto the bed. I try to fight but she rips my pants free in a single move. 

All the fighting and the drugs, have taken a toll on me, I can’t fight back as hard and all I’ve got left is torn boxer briefs and a few tattered pieces of shirt, it’s getting hard to breathe as she climbs up the bed. In that moment I see her naked body and what she really is. The body of a human woman, but scales and eyes like a reptile, teeth like a shark, she’s a monster. A fucking beast. I try to scream out for help, but nothing comes out and I can only flail my hands uselessly. My body is frozen and I can no longer fight back, I just close my eyes and hope the drugs can take me out before whatever she does next.

In the final moments before losing my virginity and soul to a succubus, I can’t help but wonder where Destiny is. She said she would protect me, make sure nothing bad happened to me, and here I am moments away from losing it all. She used me for bait, and I fell for it because I thought she was cute. I should have called it quits when she decided to dress me in her boyfriend’s clothes. I try to swing my fist again using the rage, but nothing happens. I close my eyes again and try to think of a happy place I’d rather be.