2.14 - Rythe: Another Victim

2.14 - Rythe: Another Victim

Vinyl music, long outdated, but reminds me of my childhood so much. The skips and worn sound, no record is the same as another. Even if they have the same songs, the grooves are unique and different. I drop my favorite on the player and set the needle. The Sapphire Vibrations, a small band from Connecticut that never got big in here in the states, but blew up in Eastern Europe. A nice mix of R&B with a lot of jazz influence.

I toss the fairy dust onto the table and grab a glass of water and my laptop. Removing my jacket and shoes I relax on the sofa. Leaning forward I separate a small part of the fairy dust. Not enough for a lasting high, but enough to serve my purpose. I use my finger to break up any clumps and slowly scoop it into a thin rolling piece of rolling paper. I lick the sweet, shiny glue and seal the fairy dust in a nice handcrafted cigarette. I repeat the process twenty more times, until I can fill a neat pack of cigarettes. I toss it into my coat pocket and return to the dust. I make one more smile cigarette. This time I bring it to my lips and spark the lighter.

A brief rush of adrenaline fills my body as I’m ripped from my seat and instantly brought back. The first hit is always the strongest. I’m a bit of a relic. I smoke the fairy dust, because I’m not addict looking to get high. Most of what would create a magical high is burned off by the flame. These days, almost everyone snorts fairy dust directly up their nose, chasing a high, avoiding the other meaningful uses. Part of the reason the price keeps growing up. I hear a city out in Maryland has legalized it, price has dropped a lot with it being massed produced by the fairies themselves. A great thing, sign of the times, perhaps our country is changing and not diving deep into the depths of hell. Only time will tell.

It doesn’t take long for me to pull up the death certificate for Ci-Ci’s husband. The name is common, and I couldn’t find any that listed a “Ci-Ci,” as a surviving spouse, but I did find a Sierra Evans whose husband died on Halloween. There was no autopsy performed which makes this a little harder. All I have to go on is her word, as far as I know she could have killed him herself. Wouldn’t be the first time a murderer tried to revive their victim after getting a guilty conscience.

Sierra is who I decide to look into first, there’s no reason she shouldn’t be a suspect. Age 36 works as a TSA agent, a shitty job. The address listed for her is in a home that’s way out of a TSA agents price range. A little more digging shows she is indeed registered, or was anyway. Her license lapsed in the year following her husband’s death and she never sought to reactivate it. Doesn’t mean she’s guilty of murder, but it does show she feels remorse about it. Could be she chose the job that got him killed. I can’t connect her to any of the people on the kill list, so I guess I move on to the brother.

Jonah Evans, a little harder to find, but I find him buried in her friend’s list. Social media, really is a curse. Everyone is friends, but nobody is actually friends. You don’t know these people but you’re supposed to call them friends and share your life with them. Social media isn’t all that social if you ask me. A tool for control to chip away at the self confidence of millions by the boat load. People post only the good, and eventually others are upset their life doesn’t match the quality they think is required of them. I predict social media will lead us to a world war or genocide at some point in the future.

But back to Jonah, he’s boring. An adrenaline junkie who likes motorcycles and hard liquor. He’ll be a skid mark on the road in no time if he’s mixing the two together. No active relationships, really seems to enjoy movies and that’s about it. More interesting, I find him in the database of the Shadow Syndicate. He’s been registered for some time, and pretty active. Seems like he specializes in dispelling dark magic. That’s interesting, not enough to make him the killer. But enough that I make note of it, could be useful in the future. Also makes me wonder why Ci-Ci didn’t go to him for help with the resurrection, unless he advised her against it already. Then again, she may not know his specialization, the two don’t interact much online. Can’t imagine they interact much in the regular world either.

I guess Ci-Ci is my best choice for the murderer right now. Back to the old days of following her, seeing what she does. Perhaps I can find out how she commits the murders. Either that or I’ll get arrest for stalking. I really hope she’s the killer.


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