Book 2 - Immunoglobulin

Book 2 - Immunoglobulin

Rythe is a down on his luck, disgraced newspaper journalist. The toughest story he’s ever worked on is the one of his life. A twisted story or abuse, addiction, death and destruction that he keeps hidden from himself with an addiction to Fairy Dust. He’s spent close to a decade chasing the story of a supernatural serial killer, that no one else believes exists. A chance meeting with Sierra Evans leads him to the clue he’s searching for. It also leads to the constructed house of cards he lives in to fall apart.

Sierra, known as CiCi to her friends, is a TSA agent. She used to hunt things that go “bump,” in the night but after the death of her husband, she gave it up. Now she’s out to bring him back to life before time runs out. The only issue is her brother-in-law Jonah disagrees and a voodoo priestess named Tituba has injected herself into Sierra’s life. There’s also Rythe who has decided she’s murderer that he’s looking for.

There's a bonus chapter available in the book.

I know what you're thinking, "book 3 just finished, how are you going to start book 2?" Well, there's a few reasons for that. I'd give those reasons to you in song, but I don't sing very well so I'll give you a list.

1. I started writing it at the same time as I started writing Book 3: Retrograde. It's an anthology series so it's not a continuation of anything. But, it's getting a number, because I want to reuse three of the characters so it's relevant now.

2. I didn't think it would go past the story of Jason and Kaiden from Book 1: Orchidaceous but people kept reading and I had more stories I wanted to tell so the books aren't in any real order but I can promise, some characters will return in the future. I might even give Kaiden a last name because lord knows, I never did.

3. I finished Book 2 before Book 3 and I didn't want to confuse the numbering. Which I already did by renumbering Book 3 based on chapters in each individual book, or saga, instead of overall. I'm telling you, I did not expect this thing to last as long as it did. But hey, look at us; who would have thought? Not me.

4. I was busy starting another web serial. Intercosmic it's all about space baby, let's talk about space baby.

That's all I got, love you. Go read some stuff, even if it isn't mine, especially if it's banned. 


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