Keeping It 100 - A Note From The Author

Keeping It 100 - A Note From The Author

Yo, this isn't related to the story at all. I hope you're enjoying it and not just clicking to make me feel better. Shoot me a comment every now and then. Don't let Twitter be the only place providing feedback. Anyway, Exsanguinate just passed 100 chapters, which is super crazy to me. Most web serials don't last that long or go that far. Even if it technically is two books in the same universe. They'll all meet one day and have dinner or some beers.

When I started writing Exsanguinate it was a short story called God Killer. Essentially, Jason from book or saga 1, would be trying to kill a night club owner who had declared himself God and taken control of the city. Magic, vampires, werewolves and all that stuff would have been common knowledge. Somehow I got the idea that it would have been cooler if there was some kind of veil keeping them separate.

I'm 100 chapters in, but there's already a spinoff called Blood of Brothers I did on a whim in October. Cut me some slack for the typos, I finished it all in a month and is mostly my poorly written ideas that come in the middle of the night. I enjoy world building, so the whole thing just keeps growing. 

I would have written it anyway because I'm what's called a Vain Vanity Author, which means I realize there's no real money in most writing. It's never been a secret, my goals in writing were:

1. Be prolific, I need at least one hundred books before I'm done. Alexandre Dumas is one of my favorite authors and he wrote almost three hundred novels. (Including the first Werewolf novel Wolf Queen as well as popularizing serials.)

2. Write the books I wanted to read when I was younger. No offense to white people, I love majority of you. However, the books I was forced to read throughout my education were incredibly white. The libraries were incredibly white. The comic books, incredibly white. Things are better now, especially with comic books. However, I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi most of all, but guess what? Still, incredibly white, even the movies. 

Those were my goals and I'm working on them, even if the bibliography is a little sparse at the moment. I'd like to thank those who hung around this long, bought books and just supported my work. I've been told I've got great stories to tell, but I suck at everything else. It means a lot when a few thousand people visit this site every month, tweet me, a few hundred check it on Royal Road. Thanks for sticking with my sledgehammer writing style. There's more to come.


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