A New Saga Begins

A New Saga Begins

Almost a year ago I started writing Exsanguinate on a whim. I just enjoyed the idea of a serial novel. I honestly didn't think it would last this long. With 52 chapters, around 60 thousand words and a chapter each week it's been almost a year. I say almost because I released the first five all at once.

I've actually had more fun writing Exsanguinate than anything else I've written. This one isn't as heavily scripted as the others. I come up with a saga, a few arcs and just roll with it. I'll see what happens next week. It's turned out rather well so far, with the exception of one chapter. That chapter being the flashback, if I ever decide to release it as an actual novel, I'll probably make changes to that one. I'm not really in a rush to put it out in novel form so don't worry.

The next saga is called Retrograde. Retrograde is one of the many types of amnesia, and this saga deals with an amnesiac. Most of these will take place in the past but I'll be sure to notate which chapters take place in the present day. I've always wanted multiple characters, because it's fun. This guy is a lot of fun to write so I hope you have fun reading. I'll keep the chapter numbering the same so Chapter 53 will be the start.

Thank you for reading, have fun.


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